„Europe is not only a continent“ the participants of the „Europe everyday“ contest, which was organized by the European Human Rights Foundation, tried to convince.

On December 11th in the House of Polish Culture in Vilnius the final ceremony of the contest „Europe everyday“ took place and the international Human Rights Day was commemorated. Over 450 guests arrived to the ceremony. The atmosphere among the guests was festive and full of curiosity who is going to win.  The most interesting thing for the youngest guests was the exhibition of the entry works, which was lively commented by the children.

The contest winners were selected (from over 120 entry works) by a specially appointed commission. Here is the list of the winners:

Grades 1-4
1st place Elżbieta Lubartowicz (4th grade) st. Urszula Ledóchowska high school in Czarny Bor
2nd place “Pszczółki” Group work from the kindergarten in Miedniki
3rd place Andrzej Matujza (3rd grade), primary school in Wersoce

Grades 5-8
1st place Patrycja Daszkiewicz and Dorota Sokołowska (5th grade), W. Syrokomla high school in Vilnius
2nd place Daniel Sitnikow (6th grade), Jan Śniadecki secondary school in Soleczniki (Šalčininkai)
3rd place Eva Mincevičiūtė (5th grade), W. Syrokomla high school in Vilnius
4th place Robert Pawtel, Władysław Olechnowicz, Czesław Zacharzewski (6 grade),  the primary school in Kiwiszki
4th place Tomasz Matujzo (6th grade), primary school in Wersoce

Grades 9-12
1st place Krzysztof Adam Górski (11th grade), high school in Lazdynaj
2nd place Ewelina Bartoszewicz (11th grade), L. Narbutt high school in Kolesniki
3rd place Stanisław Songin (11th grade), Jan Śniadecki secondary school in Soleczniki (Šalčininkai)

Distincted participants: Grażyna Pożarycka, Tadeusz Bejnarowicz, Joanna Fediuk, Marzena Kuklis, Iwona Kijewicz, Iwona i Justyna Jasowicz, Justyna Ruszkiewicz, Dominika Matwiejko, Dorota Szulska, Kamila Anna Herman, Robert Czeterkowski, Albert Kartanowicz, Edgar Gulbicki, Norbert Wersocki, Justyna Baloń.

Congratulations to all winners once again! The entry works are available for the audience at the website of The Foundation

The Foundation would also like to thank all schools which participated in the contest and the actors of the Polish theatre in Vilnius who made our celebration a truly fairy event.

We also thank the Wilnoteka portal for video documentation of the gala (more at

The contest „Europe everyday“ was Foundations‘ first initiative of that kind and it was a good beginning. We encourage you to learn about Europe with us!

The contest „Europe everyday” is organized by the European Human Rights Foundation and contracted by the Chancellery of the Senate as a part of The Assistance to Polonia (Polish Diaspora) and Poles Abroad Programme 2011 and thanks to the help of The Foundation „Help the Poles in the East”.

We are very grateful to all our sponsors and patrons of the contest „Europe everyday“, the involvement of which enabled us organizing of the contest and the winners enjoying such a big amount of prizes.

We were supported by: Consular Section of the Polish Embassy in Vilnius, The House of Polish Culture in Vilnius, Kamratas Company (distributor of the GRANNA board games), Mylidos Company, Runmis Hotel, LOTOS, The Polish Institute in Vilnius and The Modern Poland Foundation.

Patrons of the contest: Consular Section of the Polish Embassy in Vilnius,, Znad Willi Radio, Kurier Wileński, European The Commission Representation in Poland, The Local Government of the Vilnius Region, The Local Government of the Šalčininkai Region, University of Bialystok branch in Vilnius.

Tłumaczenie: Aleksandra Koleczek w ramach praktyk w Europejskiej Fundacji Praw Człowieka, Translated by Aleksandra Koleczek within the framework of a traineeship programme of the European Foundation of Human Rights,