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A march in defense of education in schools of minorities in Lithuania was held on Saturday, 17th March along the Avenue of Gedyminas. Few thousand participants of the rally marched towards the square of V. Kudirka to the headquarters of the government of Lithuania, where they openly expressed their protest against the amended Act on Education, restricting the hitherto rights of persons belonging to national minorities in Lithuania. Representatives of Polish, Belarusian, Russian and other minorities spoke to the Lithuanian authorities.

The rally was held peacefully, and unity, solidarity and tolerance prevailed among the participants. Everyone was united under one goal – “no” for assimilation and lithuanisation, “yes” for integration and dialogue.

During the rally, representatives of the EFHR were distributing leaflets with information on labour rights, assistance in penal issues, actions against racial discrimination etc. More than 1000 leaflets were handed to people. The involvement of the Foundation in the rally initiated also the European Week Against Racism. This event is yearly organised by the organisation UNITED for Intercultural Action, with whom in cooperation, the Foundation organises lectures on human rights and circulates education materials on the topic of fight against racism, xenophobia and discrimination.

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