Conferences, lectures, street theatre performances and concerts, as well as removal of racist slogans from walls in cities – this is only a part of the series of events that will be organised  throughout the whole week in March everywhere across Europe on the occasion of the Week of Solidarity with Peoples Struggling wit Racism and Racial Discrimination. The events start on 21st March – on the International Day of Fight with Racial Discrimination.

The majority of happenings will be organised under the framework of a campaign „Open your mind. Speak out against racism!” organised by the network UNITED (see: UNITED for Intercultural Action gathers more than 560 organisations, for which the fight with racism does not only mean a critic of racist politics on the European or local level, but also signifies prevention of racism and racial stereotypes in our own environment and our own minds. In 2012, the group of UNITED was joined also by the European Foundation of Human Rights, which will take part in, among others, March marches in defense of human rights and fundamental freedoms (

Everyone can get involved in the actions of the March week. The main goal is to reach the public opinion with the message. In order to accomplish it, various actions are being undertaken. Student organisations and teachers’ unions often hold in this time special lessons, meetings, lectures and collect signatures under petitions. Public debates, roundtables and conferences – create a space for reflection and brainstorming. Many organisations use this time to publish their yearly reports, in which they attempt to turn the attention to the most pressing problems. Multiple plenary events are also organised – concerts, film screenings, sport meetings (during which, the idea of sport without racism is being promoted) or actions aiming at removal of racist slogans from walls. Every form is important. Everyone can speak out against racism and discrimination in one’s own way. Open your mind!


The Day of Fight with Racial Discrimination was founded in 1996 to commemorate the victims of a peaceful demonstration in Sharpeville. On 21st March 1960, South-African police shot to death 69 participants of a peaceful demonstration, who protested against the politics of apartheid. The Week of Solidarity with Peoples Struggling with Racism and Racial Discrimination was initiated in 1979 as one of the elements of a programme of events, marking the first Decade of Fight with Racism and Racial Discrimination.

                      European Foundation of Human Rights


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