mrgi-logo-taglineThe European Foundation of Human Rights has the pleasure of informing all interested individuals about the possibility of taking part in a free English Language course that will be held over the internet. Participation in this competition is encouraged by the Minority Rights Group International as part of the Global Agency Programme (GPP). The course is aimed at those who work in favour of national minorities in Africa, Asia or Europe. The programme‘s goal is to support representatives of national minorities and work towards utilisation of regional and international mechanisms in order to improve the quality of the mentioned groups. 

Courses in offer:

  1. Centre for promotion of national minority rights (this is a course about minorities’ rights and the promotion of them in English).
  2. Introduction to minorities’ rights, regional human rights mechanisms and promoting national minorities in English, French and Russian.
  3. Public version: Introduction to national minorities’ rights, regional human rights mechanisms and promoting minorities’ rights in English.

Since 2009 the GPP programme has become a significant way of supporting the most active community members from national minority groups who try to gather necessary knowledge about regional and international mechanisms from all over the world. The programme pays a lot of attention to regional mechanisms that are in place to protect the rights of minorities such as the Commission on the Men of Africa and the Nations’ Right, and the Framework Convention for the Protection of National Minorities.

The free course can be found at this address:

The topics covered by the courses are: Introduction to minority rights, regional human rights mechanisms, and minority rights advocacy

Below is a list of topics: 

Topic 1: Basic concepts in human rights and minority rights
Topic 2: Introduction to the UN human rights system
Topic 3: UN legal instruments protecting minorities
Topic 4: UN political mechanisms for protecting minorities
Topic 5: Regional instruments and mechanisms
Topic 6: State reporting and shadow reports
Topic 7: Participation in international meetings
Topic 8: Taking up individual cases
Topic 9: Thematic focus: Multiple forms of discrimination
Topic 10: Guide to advocacy campaigns, Part 1
Topic 11: Guide to advocacy campaigns, Part
Course conclusion

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