Członkowie Kapituły uwzględniali wkład każdego kandydata w dziedzinę rozwoju kultury polskiej na Litwie Fot. Marian Paluszkiewicz

The European Foundation of Human Rights is glad to inform you that our expert, Łukasz Wardyn PhD, is among 18 nominees for the honourable award “Pole of the Year 2012.” We are truly grateful for noticing and appreciating our efforts to secure the obedience of human and minority rights in Lithuania. The nomination motivates us even greater to keep up with our attempts to make Lithuania a friendly and law-abiding country. 

Readers of Kurier Wileński (The Courier of Vilnius), together with the Award Committee,  nominated several socially active Poles of Lithuania and Polish citizens who live here permanently. What was especially taken into account was the candidate’s contribution to the development of Polish culture, his/her efforts to preserve and promote Polishness in Lithuania, as well as the nominee’s achievements in securing the good reputation of Poles in 2012. As usual, candidates for “Pole of the Year 2012” represent Vilnius, the Vilnius district municipality, and district municipalities of Soleczniki (Šalčininkai), Troki (Trakai), Święciany (Švenčionys), and Kowno (Kaunas).

At the beginning of January 2013 the Award Committee will meet again and, after calculating the votes, they will shortlist the nominees to ten finalists. The person who receives the greatest number of votes will be declared “Pole of the Year 2012.”

In order to vote for the candidate of your choice, please send the coupon from Kurier Wileński to the editorial office of the newspaper. The deadline for voting is December 31st. You may send as many coupons as you like, but photocopies are not allowed. We encourage everybody to vote for our foundation!


Fr. Józef Aszkiełowicz, parish priest of Mejszagoła (Maišiagala)
Renata Cytacka, secretary of the Vilnius district municipality council
Grażyna Gołubowska, main tourism specialist of the Vilnius district municipality council
Prof. Bogusław Grużewski, head of  the Lithuanian Institute of Labour and Social Studies
Ryszard Jankowski, head of the Wędziagoła (Vandžiogala) circle of the Association of Poles in Lithuania
Stefan Kimso, head of FC  “Polonia Wilno” (“Polonia Vilnius”)
Tadeusz Macioł, honorary consul of the Republic of Poland in Kłajpeda (Klaipėda)
Ewelina Mokrzecka, founder of the Facebook page “Pulaki z Wilni”
Jarosław Narkiewicz, member of the Seimas of the Lithuanian Republic (party: Electoral Action of Poles in Lithuania), head of the regional department of the Association of Poles in Lithuania in Troki (Trakai)
Katarzyna Niemyćko, singer
Czesław Okińczyc, barrister, signatory of the Act of the Re-Establishment of the State of Lithuania, founder, owner, and head of  Radio ”Znad Wilii” (“Radio from the Neris”)
Antoni Radczenko, editor of PL DELFI, the Polish version of the Lithuanian web portal
Sr. Michaela Rak, founder of the Bl. Michał Sopoćko Hospice in Vilnius
Michał Sienkiewicz, head of the Gymnastic Society “Sokół” (“Falcon”)
Józef Szostakowski, poet, tourist guide, member of the Association of Polish Academics in Lithuania
Edward Trusewicz, secretary of  the Association of Poles in Lithuania
Fr. Rusłan Wilkiel, parish priest of Kolonia Wileńska (Pavilnys)
Łukasz Wardyn PhD, expert of the European Foundation of Human Rights

Translated by Natalia Błędowska within the framework of a traineeship programme of the European Foundation of Human Rights,