DSC01583The European Foundation of Human Rights’ two-week campaign of trips has come to an end on last Saturday on the Vilnius City Hall square.

Between the 21st and the 31st of August, EFHR’s officials represented the Foundation in towns and villages of the Vilnius region, on a daily basis.

The inhabitants of Nemenčinė, Bezdonys, Trakai, Lentvaris, Rudamina, Juodšiliai, Jašiūnai, Pabradė, Mickūnai and Lavoriškai had an opportunity to discover in detail the Foundation’s work, possibilities of legal aid and the won cases under the EFHR’s lead.

The Foundation’s stall with free informative material prepared by the EFHR was of interest to many. The Vilnius region inhabitants keenly discovered the scope of Foundation’s work, shared their own experiences and used the free of charge legal aid. Youths appeared interested in joining traineeship programmes within the EFHR. Much attention was paid to information leaflets about protecting human rights on an international level (European institutions) and leaflets regarding bilingual signposts and the ways in which to communicate with state bodies. Anyone who will not have the opportunity to attend a mobile EFHR centre in person can obtain educative and informative material from local libraries, councils, schools and cultural centres. We are happy that from this moment onwards the governors of the above listed establishments will know where to direct any persons seeking legal aid. More valuable information about human rights and EU’s structure and its institutions can be found on the Foundation’s website, at www.efhr.eu.

In addition to its trips, the EFHR mobile centre also attended cultural events that were organised during the trip campaign. The EFHR officials participated in events held in Šumskas (Catholic Youth Days), Šalčininkai (‘Youth’s Summer’ concert) and were also present at the festival of neighbourhood band on the Vilnius City Hall square.

In addition to distributing informative materials (leaflets, brochures, hand-outs, etc.), EFHR officials also organised competitions on knowledge about Europe. All participants of the EFHR organised competitions received symbolic prizes. One of the events’ participants stated: “I am happy that organisations such as the EFHR function in Lithuania”. During the trip campaign, the EFHR aimed to reach the widest possible target audience – the elderly, youths and adults. Pursuant to that, the EFHR officials carried out charity actions in Pabradė and Šalčininkai children’s homes. The governors of the stated establishments received gifts (clothes, toys, books and stationary equipment) and educative materials on human rights for the young ones as well as the youths. When talking to children’s homes’ staff, particular attention was paid to the importance of making children aware of their basic rights. Protecting children’s rights has a massive impact on their development and achieving their goals and dreams. Moreover, the EFHR representatives spoke to children about possibilities and opportunities provided by the European Union.

The Foundation is immensely impressed by the campaign’s success. We succeeded in getting in touch with those persons who need help the most, and our work was recognised by many inhabitants of the Vilnius region and many guests from abroad. Seeing the rising need and the public’s interest, the EFHR will continue to organise more trips like this one, in the future to come. We kindly invite you to follow us on our website as www.efhr.eu.

Until next time! EFHR