- logoThe European Foundation of Human Rights (EFHR) is glad to introduce you to a new network for human rights news and e-participation website, the “European Liberties Platform” (ELP). According to its mission, ELP is focused on granting civil liberties of organizations and their supporters through the innovative use of electronic participation.

European Liberties Platform is an informal network of European civil liberties watchdogs and non–governmental organizations (NGOs). ELP’s membership currently includes multi–purpose civil liberties and human rights organizations from Belgium, Bulgaria, the Czech Republic, Greece, Hungary, Ireland, Italy, Lithuania, Poland, Romania, Spain and the Netherlands.

The platform serves a number of specific purposes. Firstly, “” facilitates the gathering and dissemination of information in a user–friendly and easily accessible way. Secondly, it enables critical interaction between organizations and citizens through the effective use of integrated social media (Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, etc).

ELP was established with support from the Open Society Foundations’ European Civil Liberties Project. The website is available in 12 languages. The aim of European Liberties Platform is to keep expanding with member organizations from all 28 member states of the EU. is willing to mobilize public support, also to revive democracy in the EU and to strengthen the human rights movement in Europe.

The “” website is updated frequently to make it as accessible as possible. They are also interested to hear your ideas about the Platform. You can contact them and share your comments and ideas.

EFHR encourages active participation in human rights education and protection.