samirThe European Foundation of Human Rights (EFHR) is glad to introduce you to our new intern, Samir Safarli, who comes from Azerbaijan. For the last two years Samir has been studying international law at the International School of Law and Business in Vilnius.

Samir has always been interested in human rights as they are the essence of a democratic society. Samir says: “While studying human rights, we discover respect, fairness, justice and equality. Understanding human rights shapes our thinking, since these rights are about real-life issues.”

When we asked why he applied for his internship at EFHR, the answer was: “EFHR is one of the most active organizations in Europe, and they are doing their job well. It’s a great opportunity for me to increase my professional skills in an organization like EFHR which has such a good track record of successes. I would like to know how a foundation dedicated to human rights functions.”

To sum it all up, his main expectations from this internship are to gain more experience, take on new responsibilities, work in a team and to increase his knowledge, which will all be useful for his future studies.

Samir will work at the EFHR as an intern for six weeks, until the end of June. Welcome to the team Samir!