EFHR starts a new initiative on the radio

Posted on November 17, 2014

post_logo_efhrOn the 17th of November of this year, a new initiative of the European Foundation of Human Rights (EFHR) will begin – a series of radio programmes about human rights.

The project “EFHR consults” is designed to increase knowledge of human and national minority rights for listeners of the Polish radio “Znad Wilii”. The aims of the project are increasing awareness of citizens of the Polish national minority, direct legal help for people whose rights are violated and finding answers for frequently asked questions concerning human rights.

EFHR lawyers will conduct eight programmes on the radio channel “Znad Wilii” titled:

  • The spelling of names and surnames
  • The issue of topographic names in the language of minorities
  • Language rights
  • Discrimination in the workplace
  • Discriminatory comments on the Internet
  • The education at national minority schools
  • Complaints to theEuropean Court of Human Rights
  • Minority rights in Lithuania and international practice

During short radio auditions, the EFHR lawyers will be consultants and will not only present a short description of a certain topic but also will answer the questions of listeners. You will be able to submit questions before the programme by sending these to the e-mail address prawo@efhr.eu or calling this number +37069150822.

For the project a new tab, “EFHR consults”, will be created on our website where archived radio programmes and a legal guide will be available.

Listen to us on the radio “Znad Wilii” (103, 8 FM) every Monday and Thursday at 10:40 and broaden your knowledge of human and national minority rights.

We invite you to listen to our programme!