_nul0l_On the 15th of February representatives of the European Foundation of Human Rights (EFHR) once again attended the annual celebration in Mickuny – one of many places in Vilnius Region where numerous national minorities live.

The foundation’s stall attracted many residents. They were free to familiarize themselves with information materials on human rights and opportunities offered by the European Union. Apart from materials prepared by the Council of Europe and the European Commission (such as “Rights and freedoms in practice” or “47 countries – one organization… Council of Europe”) there were also leaflets about EFHR’s activities and current problems related to Lithuanian national minorities.

There was special interest in materials designed for younger participants. It was noticeable that parents and grandparents really want their children and grandchildren to broaden their knowledge on the rights entitled to them. As always, the most important part of the celebration were the talks of our representatives with local community. They were encouraged to learn more about their rights and opportunities for Lithuania resulting from its membership in the European Union and the Council of Europe. Our lawyers encouraged people to turn to the foundation’s experts with their legal issues so they could be provided with free advice on cases of violation of freedoms or issues concerning defaulting on fulfilling international contracts on the part of Lithuania.

Mickuny’s Day is a wonderful chance for integration of the local community and for preserving the traditions of the Polish minority. The locals paid tribute to EFHR, emphasizing the need for an organization which successfully represents the interests of different groups inhabiting Lithuania. This makes us believe even more strongly that our trips play an important role in the lives of those in local communities.

See you at the next meetings!