zamoscFrom 22nd to 29th May 2015 representatives of the European Foundation of Human Rights (EFHR) spent their time in Zamość, a city in southeastern Poland. A training course “Educating Active Citizenship through Simulation Games” took place there, organised by the Volunteer Centre in Zamość. The participants of the workshop included also representatives of other non-governmental organisations from France, Spain, Poland, Romania, Hungary, Italy, and Turkey. More information about the project is available here.

The course consisted of daily workshops, during which the programme participants familiarised themselves with the methods of non-formal education applicable when working with youth, created simulation games, and carried out some fieldwork, where they could test the newly learnt methods. The culmination of the project was a meeting with students in one of the schools in Zamość and play that got the secondary school pupils involved in the simulation games. The ones who enjoyed the whole event even more than the course participants, who made up the games, were the students – for them it was an opportunity to meet people from foreign countries, practise English, and check their competence in the non-formal education. The disabled students took part in the games as well.

Meetings with the local community, a cultural evening, numerous discussions, a lot of games played by participants of various nationalities, and, what is the most important, gaining knowledge of the non-formal education, as well as the creation of simulation games and their trial – these are what Leszek and Alina experienced during the training course in Zamość.

We would like to thank our partners from the Volunteer Centre in Zamość for their invitation and cooperation!