3On 4 and 5 July of this year in Święciański Region, in the Abiełoragi village (Obelu Ragas) the 27th Touristic Rally of Poles in Lithuania took place. Same as last year the European Foundation of Human Rights (EFHR) also took part in this event with its employees giving information to the participants about the extensive activities of the Foundation. Those interested in it had a chance notonly to learn about the free of charge legal advice being provided by the EFHR but also about the projects and workshops on human rights organized by the Foundation.

A wide range of free of charge educational materials associated with human rights was available in the EFHR tent. The materials included the Polish and Lithuanian version of an educational brochure titled ‘Rights and Freedoms in Practice’ commissioned by the Council of Europe. It richly illustrates the European Convention of Human Rights and presents the operations of the European Court of Human Rights, handouts, leaflets about human rights and the rights of national minorities (for example ‘the original spelling of names and surnames – use your rights’) and a brochure titled ‘Do you know that … 10 rights that belong to the citizens of the EU’ compiled by the European Commisson in order to illustrate the rights and opportunities of every EU citizen.

EFHR organized a competition on human rights. The questions mainly concerned the activities of the European Court of Human Rights, regulations included in the General Declaration of Human Rights and the rights of national minorities. It was a pleasant surprise that the majority of competitors had excellent knowledge of their rights and knew who to turn to should their rights be breached. The competitors were rewarded with prizes such as sweets, books, films and games. We were very happy that, thanks to the fact that the questions were of varying levels of difficulty, even the youngest visitors could take part in the competition.

EFHR always enjoys an opportunity to discuss the topic of human rights. We would like to inform everyone that EFHR is open to participation in different kinds of events. In addition, we also offer free of charge lectures for universities, companies and communities.

We look forward to seeing you at the next event!