img_20161115_1442101On November 15th, the European Foundation of Human Rights (EFHR) organised a training course at the head office of the company “PakMarkas“. „PakMarkas” is one of the strongest and leading-edge companies in Lithuania offering packing and marking solutions.

It is not the first time EFHR organises a business-related training course – in spring of this year, the Foundation also conducted a similar training for members of the Responsible Business Association of Lithuania (LAVA, Lietuvos atsakingo verslo asociacija), associating 24 entities.

At the invitation of the company, EFHR brought up the questions of gender equality, protection of private life and other human rights in the workplace. The meeting made it possible to raise the issue of prohibition of discrimination in job advertisements, while employing a worker, providing or advertising services, as well as the prohibition of discrimination in public appearances. Ewelina Baliko, assistant advocate, indicated how to identify discriminatory job offers and explained what to do to avoid such mistakes while writing an offer. She also alerted to the prohibition of discrimination while advertising goods and services, showing examples of graphic and multimedia advertising, recognized by the Office of the Equal Opportunities Ombudsperson as discriminatory. The issues received increased attention of the audience. The question of the risks of using the electronic network and the legal consequences of the hate speech were also discussed.img_20161115_140539

EFHR is grateful for the invitation and invites other companies to follow the example and raise the issue of protection of human rights in the workplace among their employees. Companies interested in organising the EFHR free training course at their place of work or study are requested to contact us at ( or over the phone (+370 50 691 822).

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