Justyna Marcel is a second-year student of economic-IT  Department, of subsidiary of Białystok University in Vilnius studying European Studies. Justyna was not planing on continuing studies after finishing school straight away, but a new degree course and willing to get to know EU better has changed her plans. ‘Human rights in EU’ became her favorite subject that is why she decided on spending her internship in EFHR.

Justyna was taking active part in school life, she received many prizes in sport. She tries to stay active during her studies too. She is a member of scientific circle of European studies called with name of Robert Shuman. Besides studies she is keen on traveling to various places where she can meet new people and culture. She also likes drawing, taking photos, watching movies and spending time with her friends.

Justyna is expecting to gain knowledge on human rights during the internship and she is hoping to contribute to development of the Foundation.