On the 21st June the second edition of “Friendly Vilnius” map was presented. It promotes respect and openness towards everyone without exception.

The project includes over 50 businesses and 10 non-governmental organizations, one of them is European Foundation of Human Rights (EFHR). This year 20 000 free copies of the map were distributed. Volunteers and EFHR workers helped to distribute it at local cafés, bars, shops, and other places and businesses.

EFHR representatives visited over 40 locations in the city center and Vilnius neighborhood. We are also pleased to inform that the project expands into Kaunas (for more information please visit www.friendlyvilnius.lt and www.friendlykaunas.lt).

These “friendly” maps are divided into categories with highlighted friendly places which support mixed community, so that at each location national minorities, people of different sexualities, the disabled, animals and others are welcomed. Each person can be served in their minority language, people of all sexual orientations or religious beliefs can spend their time together, drinking tea or coffee, and public places are adapted for the disabled.

EFHR is glad that the number of “friendly” people and places is increasing. It is noteworthy that the EFHR also translates the websites of Equal Opportunities Ombudsman and Vilnius City Municipality what simplifies the access to information for national minorities.