Yaprak is a law student at the University of Strasbourg, France.  As a Turkish citizen who has been educated in French since the primary school, studying in France was the most logical choice for her. Since she is going to be a second-year law student in the next academic year, she will follow an academic path focusing on diverse branches of international law. In her university, there isn’t much space for early branching in bachelor degree. Therefore, she is dedicated to find different ways to self-educate in areas like human rights, gender rights and quality education. Luckily, she has found the right work environment by joining AIESEC Strasbourg; which is a local committee of AIESEC France. In this association lead by students, she is currently learning about team work, developing leadership qualities by playing the role of bridge in international student exchanges. She feels lucky to be in an organization such as AIESEC, which feels professional, colorful and international at the same time. Basically, it is her latest passion.

 She is still a dreamer by the terms of John Lennon; so, she believes that the globalization and breaking taboos can be the answer to a more livable life. She thinks the best way to get global is working in a diverse work space and travelling as much as possible. So, this is the reason why she chose to be an intern in EFHR. She hopes that this one month internship starting from July will help her imagine a possible carrier in the field of Human Rights and gives her the experience and the image that she seeks on this area.  

Seeing that she is a multidisciplinary person since she was a kid, it is not possible to limit her hobbies and passions to any academic experience. She was a licensed volleyball player in high school, likes to read and write a lot and she is a cinephile. But of course, her biggest love is for music. She is a loyal follower of jazz, rock and basically every sound that excites her. She also sings and plays the piano whenever she can.