Carmen is an EVS volunteer, participating in “Notice it! Human rights in our daily lives”. She has been working with us for nearly 3 months and will stay for 7 more. We asked her about her experience in participating in the EVS program.

How did you learn about EVS and European Foundation of Human Rights?

The truth is that I did not know about none of them. My CV was uploaded on the European Solidarity Corps website, and I received and e-mail inviting me for an interview and this is how I get to know about EVS and the Foundation. I did a short research about the EFHR, I liked it because of the legal background of the Foundation and I decided to give it a chance.

Tell us about your experience of living in Lithuania and working with the EFHR?

The culture in Lithuania differs from my country, because originally I come from Spain. The behaviour of people is different, and at the beginning I was struggling for getting used to it. However, after more than 2 months in Lithuania I managed to adapt myself here, in Vilnius

. I learnt how to appreciate the beauty of the city and also I keep myself busy with many different activities that the city offers. There are many events and things to do in here. Also, this is the perfect chance to travel to other countries that are nearby Lithuania, actually the prices are really cheap.

Regarding my EVS project at the Foundation, I consider myself really lucky, because I have the chance to learn a lot and gain working experience regarding my field of studies. This is, I think, a great chance for me in order to start my career in Law and to take advantage of this adventure in Lithuania.

What plans do you have for your near future?

I am not certain about it yet. There are still 7 months left in Vilnius but I have some thoughts about it. I would like to apply for a PhD studies in a French speaking country. After that, I would like to apply for jobs in international organizations.

Do you have any advice for future EVS?

It is a great opportunity to be in Lithuania and you will have great moments, so you should appreciate those positive aspects, however you will think that is not easy to be here, in Lithuania, especially if you are from a country that differs from eastern Europe. In that case, you should think that the easiest thing you can do is to go back to your country, but if you are really determined to face the challenge you need to learn how to adapt to new situations.