Changes within national laws field and leaflets including information about society rights are updated by European Foundation of Human Right (EFHR). This time three leaflets have been updated by EFHR. There is available leaflet which provide you with information about the European Foundation of Human Rights – a short review of the organisation established („About EFHR”). One of the leaflets covers the information on free of chargé legal aid („Legal Aid Centre”). Another leaflet  (“Original spelling of names and surnames – use your rights”) informs about right to use original spelling of names and surnames.

Within the promotion of updated leaflets the Foundation, in a way which is easily understood by those who are not experts on law or to minority group, informs society about their basic human rights. Leaflets show frameworks of various EFHR activities. EFHR leaflets are distributed during training courses and conferences etc. That’s why, EFHR is well known organisation providing free of charge legal aid.

There are also available leaflets as follows:  “Do not hesitate to speak your native language”- leaflets shows various legislative situations, namely language rights you have in a public situations, at court and in everyday life; “Prohibition of discrimination – get to know your rights” informs about the causes of discrimination and possible legal steps that can be taken in order to overcome discrimination in public life; “Get to know your rights as an employee – a short guidebook” very precisely shows employer’s and employee’s rights and obligations  in three steps, namely at the moment of concluding a contract, during the work and at the moment of dissolving a contract; „Don’t be ashamed of your nationality”- informs about right to signing your nationality in Republic of Lithuania passport and about right to communication in your mother tongue in everyday life as well as in education field.

Leaflets are updated. We are asking schools, libraries, multifunction centres representatives and other public institutions to contact Foundation via telephone number (+370 691 50 822) or email ( in order to distribute leaflets to larger group of people. Distributing leaflets is free of charge.

All the leaflets are available at site or at the EFHR office at 6 J. Dobkevičiaus  Street, Vilnius.