The European Foundation of Human Rights (EFHR) encourages you to sign the Minority SafePack petition to make the voice of national minorities be heard at European Union (EU) institutions. There are still 9 days left for signing the initiative Minority SafePack. Remember that the deadline to support this initiative in order to protect national minorities in Europe is the following 3d April 2018.

Minority SafePack is a petition by EU citizens that gathers important measures for ensuring national minority rights. It is necessary to collect 1.000.000 signatures in order to make this petition reaching EU institutions and therefore, becoming a binding and effective law. There is a signatures threshold established for each country.  Furthermore, for making this petition successful, it has to pass a threshold in at least 7 EU countries.

Minority SafePack has currently the support from 970.123 citizens and has reached the threshold in 8 countries. The petition still needs to collect 29.877 signatures within the remaining 9 days. On 26th March 2018, Lithuania has many chances to pass the threshold and to be the second Baltic country (after Latvia) to reach this goal with 6.310 signatures collected out of 8.250. For this reason, the EFHR which is fully supportive of this initiative and wants to encourage also Lithuanian citizens to sign and to join the 8 countries that reached the threshold.

The EFHR is carrying out a competition for collecting signatures from Lithuanian citizens. For participating, you need to sign the petition and send us the PDF receipt which is displayed afterwards. The prize is a trip to Tallinn and tickets for the cinema for 2 people. You can find more information about the conditions on the EFHR Facebook website:

To add your name to the thousands calling for action, please visit the following link