Aid for children placed children’s homes

European Foundation of Human Rights, along with “CENTRUM KULTURY I EDUKACJI POLSKIEJ PLUS” (Centre of Polish Culture and Education “Plus”), Polish School Joachim Lelewel at Polish Embassy in Brussels, and “Instytut Środkowo Wschodni” (East Central Institute), as well as many kind people from Brussels has run a campaign to help Polish children’s homes in Lithuania under the heading of “DZIECI DZIECIOM” (Kids for kids).

Too much noise about nothing

The dispute over the Tuwim street in the municipality Zejuny continues. Most of the inhabitants of the village nearby Vilnus, wants to remain with the same name. Is this a problem? Unfortunately, yes. Government representative in the district of Vilnius Jurgis Jurkevičius immediately asked for an appeal decision by the government and promised to challenge this decision in court. It is worth to look at the poet, if indeed it is “guilty”?

The European Foundation of Human Rights is contented with the information of resignation of carrying work on new Act on State Language

At 1 June 2012 at Seimas  of the Republic of Lithuania website was placed an announcement reporting of its plans to examine a  project of new version of the Act on State Language and related to the Act changes in particular articles of the Act on Self –Government, the Act on State Language Standards  and the Republic of Lithuania Code of Administrative Violations

The European Foundation of Human Rights is contented with the information of resignation of discussing legal changes, that

Scholarships for Masters courses in Switzerland

The University of Lausanne (UNIL),Switzerland, striving to make higher education available, is offering scholarships for Masters courses for people who have previously graduated from foreign universities.

Candidates should choose one of the Masters programmes offered by UNIL. Unfortunately, Masters courses in Medicine,

Hotels will pay for TV and radio… but a dentist will not!

While detecting it in case of private citizens is not easy, since the authorities cannot simply walk into a house and check whether or not a citizen possesses a radio or a TV set, in case of service providers the officials can demand a license and punish them for illegaly spreading so called phonograms, i. e. copyrighted TV and radio material.

The situation in Lithuania is different,

47 states and one Organisation… the Council of Europe

The Council of Europe has prepared a new education brochure for children under the title ”47 states and one Organisation… the Council Of Europe” which concerns nowaday’s very important issues such as human rights, democracy and the political system of Europe. The brochure is aimed at children aged 12-14, it contains many interesting pictures which illustrate the subject matter of the previously mentioned issues as well as useful information written in a language that is

EFHR Trainee has won the Jonowicz Brothers Contest „My place – Vilnius”

Krzysztof Adam Górski, trainee of the European Foundation of the Human Rights has won the Jonowicz Brothers Contest  „My place – Vilnius. The generation  talks, which aim was to present Vilnius in many kinds of conversations from the perspective people whose ties with the city are strong. To become a participant of the competition all applicants were obliged to submit a literary paper, in audio or video format – performing

Amnesty International criticises Lithuania

Amnesty international, an international organisation working to protect human rights in its 2012 annual report, accused Lithuania of having a passive attitude towards the secret CIA prisons on their territory. According to Amnesty International, the worst fact is that although there is a constant inflow of information about this,

The Youth Assembly 2012 4-8 October 2012 – the European Youth Centre at Strasbourg

We encourage all youngsters in age between 16 -25 to apply for participation    the  Youth Assembly 2012, which will take place at October, 4 -8 , 2012 this year.  Unfortunately, the deadline for applications expires on  May 30th, 2012. the organizers of the following event : the European Youth Foundation and the European Youth Centre. For more information please read:

Cybercrime to be prosecuted all around Europe

Trainee of the European Foundation of Human Rights Ms  Katarzyna Anna Gorgol  (fifth – year students at the John Paul II Catholic University of Lublin) has launched publication series  published in “The Vilnius Courier” by the article “Cybercrime to be prosecuted all around Europe”. This series of publications is focused on most important rulings of the Court of Justice of the European Union approaching to the reader, the importance of legal issues, especially in the Human Rights Law area.

After the Web 2.0 Revolutions: New Media as an Instrument for Change and Democracy?

The European Foundation of Human Rights invites everybody to apply for a series of workshops organised for young journalists of which the title reads: Youth Media Workshop 2012 and to be more precise the workshops will cover matters related to the following topic: “After the Web 2.0 Revolutions: New Media as an Instrument for Change and Democracy?” The workshops will take place in August between the 19th and the 24th.

The European Foundation of Human Rights will take part in the “What about Gender?” training course

On 12 April, the European Foundation of Human Rights encouraged all to apply for participation in the “What about Gender?” training course (more information: Applications for participation were open for organizations in all countries of the European Union, the SEE countries (Montenegro,Serbia,Turkey,Moldova,Macedonia,Croatia,Bosnia and Herzegovina,Albania) and the EECA (Eastern EuropeandCentral Asia) countries. After a thorough consideration of all submitted applications, the Appraising Committee selected only 10 best candidates,

„Saw for the Poles” case continued – the prosecution starts an investigation following our intervention.

As we have previously informed, the European Foundation of Human Rights discovered a group on the social networking portal called Facebook, titled “Saw for the Poles” (lit. „Lenkpjūvė”) with a motto that stated “Slaughter the Poles while they’re young!” („Pjauk lenką kol jaunas!”). The group consisted of 23 members who posted comments and statements, which openly encouraged hatred against the Polish minority in Lithuania.

The European Parliament considers the rights of the Polish minority in Lithuania to be a very important matter. Below is Mr. Tomasz Snarski’s account of the Committee on Petitions’ meeting.

The European Parliament Committee on Petitions has held a meeting on the 24th of April 2012 during which the petition submitted by Mr. Tomasz Snarski, in regards to the polish minority’s language rights in Lithuania, was discussed. The European Foundation of Human Rights supported Mr. Snarski’s case (more information can be found here: The…

The European-wide Action Week Against Racism

From conferences, lectures, street theatre performances and concerts to wiping off the racist slogans from the city walls. This is just a small part of the events, which were organised through the whole week of March (17-25) in all Europe on the occasion of Week of Solidarity with the Peoples Struggling against Racism and Racial Discrimination. The celebration has begun on the  21st of March on the International Day for the Elimination of Racial Discrimination.

The majority of events this year were organised in the frame of the campaign ‘Open your mind.

Group on Facebook called “Saw on Poles” deleted!

The European Foundation of Human Rights discovered on the Social Network Facebook a group titled “Saw on Poles”, which motto was“Whack Pole ‘till he’s young!”. The group was consisted of 23 members, who were posting comments, statements, open calls for hatred as well. Moreover there were put few pictures insulting for polish nation.


Human Rights Monitoring Institute is currently accepting applications for the Summer School “Using Lisbon Treaty for Building Active Citizenship”.

The Summer School is designed for young professionals from EU-based NGOs, who are interested in EU and human rights law as well as in developing effective human rights advocacy campaigns.


Action 3.1 training course

 Dear friends,

“Alinhas?”, a youth association from Portugal, would like to invite you to participate in a new project to be presented on the 1st of May deadline.

It is a training course that will explore different Gender issues affecting our countries and European society at large. Here you can check more about us and the project.

2012 OHCHR Minorities Fellowship Programme (English) – call for applications

The Minorities Fellowship Programme (MFP) was launched by the United Nations Office of the High Commissioner for Human Rights (OHCHR) in 2005.

Through the MFP, the OHCHR aims to give persons belonging to national or ethnic, religious and linguistic minorities an opportunity to gain knowledge on the UN system

“Poles, Europeans, Citizens”. There is a new textbook of Social Studies for Polish schools in Lithuania!

On 30 March this year, European Foundation of Human Rights in association with Modern Poland Foundation could hand over new textbooks of Social Studies for Polish schools in Lithuania. These books are addressed to young people who are at 10-11 class and will provide them with a crucial minimum of knowledge which will allow students to learn about political and social problems of modern democracies along with the forms of social commitment.