Appreciation to Ewelina Saszenko and thanks to Lietuvos Radijas ir Televizija

European Foundation of Human Rights wanted to express appreciation to Ewelina Saszenko. that as a minority representative on 12/31/2011 at Lietuvos ir Televizija Radijo she gave New Year’s wishes in their native language. Thus confirmed that the minorities in Lithuania can and should be themselves and should be proud of it. This kind of attitude allows us to understand and sometimes even find out that we live in a multicultural environment and thereby to combat the prevailing minorities stereotypes in Lithuania.

Modern Poland Foundation for Kids- The Plaything

zabawnikThe European Foundation of Human Rights would like to encourage everyone to use The Plaything. It’s a website and a publication for children, that includes a collection of 150 ideas, scenarios for games and plays for children, from rhymes, through board games, to theatre. The content has been made available on the basis of Creative Commons Attribution license, on the conditions 3.0, which means that it can be freely used, published and shared. The Plaything was created within the “We listen to Poland” project, by Modern Poland Foundation. The task was realised by request of Senate’s office, and belongs to the programme of taking care of Poles and Polish community abroad in 2011.

Competition of Janowicz brothers “My Vilnius. Generational Conversations”

plakacik_moje_wilnoEuropean Foundation of Human Rights invites to participate in the artistic competition of Janowicz brothers “My Vilnius. Generational Conversations”. The aim of the competition is to show the bonds that unites Poles and Lithuanians in the generations’ conversations. To win is 15 thousand zlotys.

Competition of Janowicz brothers “My Vilnius. Generational Conversations” is a personal initiative of Jan and Leon Janowicz family. In Poles mind and artistic activity who brought up in Vilnius, Lithuania always stayed as a unique and magical place.

The initiators and organizers of the competition is a member of Janowicz family – Tomasz Ulatowski and a longtime publisher of Leon Janowicz’s books – Maciej Zarebski. Both men decided to continue the Janowicz brothers’ artistic activity after their death by publishing books “Uncommon erudite…” about Leon Janowicz and “Diary. So it was”- Vilnius memories of Jan Janowicz.

The awards have been handed out!


„Europe is not only a continent“ the participants of the „Europe everyday“ contest, which was organized by the European Human Rights Foundation, tried to convince.

On December 11th in the House of Polish Culture in Vilnius the final ceremony of the contest „Europe everyday“ took place and the international Human Rights Day was commemorated. Over 450 guests arrived to the ceremony. The atmosphere among the guests was festive and full of curiosity who is going to win.  The most interesting thing for the youngest guests was the exhibition of the entry works, which was lively commented by the children.

“NO” to the names, “YES” to the companies.

Last week EFPCz sent to the State Language Inspectorate a letter, which contains a list of companies whose names, according to the Foundation, are inconsistent with a number of legal standards existing in Lithuania, including in particular the Constitution of RL. These are among others Teletower, Ademax,Aqua Express, KVWC LX ir Imon T. Norkausprojektavimo (Lithuanian companies) and Alpiq Energija Lietuva, Maxima, Swedbank, IFOSanitär, Rockwool (foreign companies). In its letter the Foundation highlights violation of many laws, resulting from using in the names symbols and letters, which do not exist in the Lithuanian alphabet. This fact is an essential argument to refuse permission to using the…

Europe in every day

The contest titled Europe in every day of live organized by European Foundation of Human rights is almost over. Foundation is very pleased with so big interest of the contest among youths and especially among first graders. We received over 120 artworks from schools in Vilnius and Vilnius and Šalčininkai region. Creativity and imaginativeness of the contestants made us amazement, artworks had different forms beginning form drawings, collage, films, pictures essays, dairies and finishing at poems, comics. A Commission who is grading artworks will have really huge problem to find out the winners form the contest, because the standard of the artworks is really high. We would like to thank very much to all contestants as well as their teachers who enticed students to be a part of that contest and helped them to show student’s talents and ideas.

Request to JSC “Lietuvos geležinkeliai”

On 30th of August this 2011 European Foundation of Human Rights sent a request to JSC “Lietuvos geležinkeliai” about the the cases of punishing employees of the company for not using national language when executing their duties. After less than three months, the Foundation received a reply from the Deputy Minister of Communications Arūnas Štarasa, which contained information that in the period from 20.10.2009 to 25.10.2011 on the basis of the ordinance of director of the cargo transport management  AB “Lietuvos Geležinkeliai” Stasys Gudvalisa, 11 employees  have been punished.

Appeal of the Forum of Parents from the Polish schools in Lithuania

directed at the international Polish-Lithuanian committee of experts on education. The Forum of Parents from the Polish Schools in Lithuania (hereinafter called the Forum of Parents) states the fact that some of the parts of the new law on education implemented by the Lithuanian Parliament on March 17, 2011 are discriminating because: –          They greatly…

Some is breaking the law – the polish newspaper or Lithuania?

The fact that the only Polish newspaper in Lithuania- the Vilnius courier – submitted a complaint about the Lithuanian state to the European Tribunal of Human Rights in Strasburg was described as an unprecedented phenomenon. According to the Lithuanian historian and political scientist, Antanas Kułalaskuskas, the conflict between a local journalist from a national minority and the Lithuanian Commission for Journalist Ethics, is hitting the international forum.

A call out to parents

The European Foundation of Human Rights calls out to all the parents whose kids received a letter from the Minister of Education, Gintaras Steponavičius. Gathering and releasing personal data by the Lithuanian government and also sending letters out to underage people without the permission of their parents is an evident beach of your rights such…

European Foundation of Human Rights in defence of “Kurier Wileński”

On October 14th 2011, Advocate Mr Tadeusz Gudziński filed a complaint on behalf of Kurier Wileński daily to the European Court of Human Rights against the Republic of Lithuania for imposing a fine on the daily’s editorial office for publishing in November 2006 a paper by Krzysztof Buchowski entitled ‘The Way a Lithuanian citizen was Perceived by a Pole in the Interwar Period’, which was read at a Polish-Lithuanian scientific conference.

A petition to the State Language Inspectorate to call the Minister of Science and Education, Gintaras Steponavičius, to management responsibility

On September 16th 2011, the European Foundation of Human Rights has made a petition to the State Language Inspectorate to call the Minister of Education and Science, Gintaras Steponavičius, to management responsibility for sending 26 thousand letters in a language other than the official  (Polish, Russian and Belarusian) to the students attending minority schools. This…

Everyday Europe competition

The European Foundation of Human Rights would like to invite everybody to take part in a creative competition entitled Everyday Europe, which starts as of Monday, 3rd October.

The main prize is a light, energy-saving, 13-inch notebook as well as MP3, MP4 players, board games outstanding books and many more.

European Foundation of Human Rights forwards three further petitions to Brussels


On Wednesday, 28thSeptember the European Foundation of Human Rights forwarded three petitions to the EU structures: European Parliament and the European Commission against:

  1. Processing of personal data revealing ethnic origin;
  2. Education Act, which discriminates ethnic minorities in Lithuania;
  3. Suppression of rights of the Polish minority in Lithuania (in support of the complaint of Mr. Tomasz Snarski) (the content of the petition (can be found)on the website:


Gintaras Steponavičius accused of national hostility and illegal use of personal data

The Lithuanian Minister of Education and Science, Gintaras  Steponavičius, has been accused of accessing personal data and ethnic hostility. European Foundation of Human Rights (EFHR), a public institution, has lodged a petition to the General Prosecutor’s Office in this case. According to the Foundation, Steponavičius has violated the Lithuanian law on personal data protection and international agreements by writing a letter to minority representatives. While, the Minister’s public statements are subject to punishment pursuant to the article of the Penal Code concerning accountability for ethnic hostility. However, G. Steponavičius himself doesn’t take the accusations seriously.

European Foundation of Human Rights kindly asks the parents

European Foundation of Human Rights kindly asks the parents whose children received the letter from the Minister of Education and Science, Gintaras Steponavičius written either in Russian or Belarusian to send a copy of it to the Foundation. Please send the scanned copy of the letter to the following e-mail address of the Foundation:…