Europe in every day

The contest titled Europe in every day of live organized by European Foundation of Human rights is almost over. Foundation is very pleased with so big interest of the contest among youths and especially among first graders. We received over 120 artworks from schools in Vilnius and Vilnius and Šalčininkai region. Creativity and imaginativeness of the contestants made us amazement, artworks had different forms beginning form drawings, collage, films, pictures essays, dairies and finishing at poems, comics. A Commission who is grading artworks will have really huge problem to find out the winners form the contest, because the standard of the artworks is really high. We would like to thank very much to all contestants as well as their teachers who enticed students to be a part of that contest and helped them to show student’s talents and ideas.

Scholarships and financial help for youth and training programme for teachers.


European Foundation of Human Rights is pleased to announce interesting programs which can offer scholarships and financial help for youth and training programs for teachers. In the text you will find short characteristics with all details and contact data. Also, we would like to invite you to attend our website where you can find:  information about all available scholarships from Poland Lithuania, European Union, scenarios of European lessons and articles from polish medias in Lithuania translated in English. On our facebook’s profile we are putting on board links to an interesting European  programs, scholarships and contests for youths.

Summary of the October training courses conducted by the Foundation

Last weekend, at the House of Polish Culture in Vilnius free training courses on human rights were organized by the European Foundation of Human Rights, attended not only by teachers, lawyers, politicians and journalists, but also by many other people interested in the theme.

The ongoing weekend training courses of the EFHR

Today and tomorrow (22 and 23 October), in the House of Polish Culture in Vilnius are held trainings in human rights addressed to teachers, journalists, lawyers, politicians and all other people interested in these issues. Here are some photos from the meeting that took place on Saturday. To be continued… 🙂

Tomorrow (Sunday) we invite to the meeting at 2pm. Room no. 305.

Art & Craft 2012

It’s the second time that Social Thought Club Initiatives has organised International Art&Craft Workshops funded within the framework of Grundtvig programme. The initiative aims at giving adults an opportunity to participate in workshops organised in other European countries within the Lifelong Learning Programme (LLP).

Everyday Europe competition

The European Foundation of Human Rights would like to invite everybody to take part in a creative competition entitled Everyday Europe, which starts as of Monday, 3rd October.

The main prize is a light, energy-saving, 13-inch notebook as well as MP3, MP4 players, board games outstanding books and many more.

Lecture that summed up the project “Improving human rights qualifications within the field of International and European Union law”

On the 23rd of December 2010, in the Vilnius’ subsidiary of the University of Białystok, the last lecture from the “Improving human rights qualifications within the field of International and European Union law” project took place. The series of lectures was organized by the Association of Polish Lawyers in Lithuania in cooperation with the European Foundation…

How can the European Council help the national minorities?

On the 23rd of this month, the participants of the latest lecture, which is a part of the “Improving skills at human rights in terms of EU and international law” project, have gained new knowledge on human rights protection as part of the European Council.

The lecture, which took place at the University of Bialystok in Vilnius, triggered a gathering of a few tens of people interested in human rights and especially those of the national minorities.

Why is the protection of national minorities’ rights so important and needed?

The stages of development, dilemmas, catalogues of national minorities’ right – these were the topics in which new knowledge was gained by the participants of the lecture, which was the second part of lectures titled “Improving skills in human rights in terms of the EU and international law.

The lectures triggered a gathering of a few tens of people in the House of Polish Culture on the 20th of November this year, who came to improve their knowledge about human rights and especially those of the national minorities.