Newest intern at EFHR – Lorena

Starting from January 2019, Lorena Mosharof is joining the European Foundation of Human Rights (EFHR) as an intern for 3 months. As a second year Master’s student of Communication and Anthropology with special focus on development and transnational issues at the University of Bonn in Germany, Lorena is particularly interested in post-Soviet studies and political…


Beginning of 2019 with another letter “w” in the marriage certificate.

On 8th of January this year District Court of Vilnius City issued a decision regarding the original spelling of names and surnames. Judita Zavadzka, the Applicant, who at the beginning of 2018 has married Polish citizen, has turned to the Court after rejection from The Vilnius Registrar’s Office regarding the change of the surname from…


Courts still close the loopholes caused by legislature

In 2014 Constitutional Court noted that in some cases non-Lithuanian names and surnames can be registered not only by means of Lithuanian language characters, but also using characters of the Latin alphabet. Nevertheless, the current legislation states that in the official documents of citizens of Lithuania names and surnames are to be spelled by means…


Lecture on hate speech at John Paul II gymnasium

Lawyers of the European Foundation of Human Rights (EFHR) were invited to give a lecture to the students of John Paul II gymnasium on Wednesday, January 23rd of 2019 about human rights and hate speech on the Internet. They tackled the general fields and areas of the Foundation’s work regarding human rights and hate speech,…


New intern at the European Foundation of Human Rights

Elisa is native to the south of France, and is a new volunteer at the EFHR for 5 months. After graduating with a bachelor’s degree in Modern Applied Languages (English and Spanish) with an emphasis in communication, she decided to start a Master’s degree in European studies and international relations. She also had the opportunity…


New intern at the EFHR

Oskar Pytka, a new intern at the European Foundation of Human Rights (EFHR), is currently a full-time student at Coventry University in England. Living outside the borders of the homeland gives him the confidence needed to seek further international cooperation and opportunities for internships. Oskar uses his current knowledge and skills as a volunteer in…


New intern at EFHR – Alessandra Bisaccioni

Alessandra is native to the center of Italy and she is attending an internship at the EFHR for three months. After graduating with a Bachelor’s degree in law at the Bologna University, she decided to start to practice law in several legal offices in Italy (Bologna and Arezzo). After the recognition of the Italian law…


Jędrzej Błaszczak – a new intern at EFHR

Jędrzej Błaszczak is a student at the University of Silesia in south of Poland, where he studies law. During his degree he became particularly interested in international law, human rights and diplomacy. He had the opportunity to practice at the Embassy of the Republic of Poland in Tehran, where he participated in diplomatic meetings, wrote…


The „w” letter wins again

On March 15 this year Vilnius District Court made a decision to allow spelling of the surname of a Lithuanian citizen with „w” letter in the marriage certificate. The case concerned the wife of a journalist of Radio Znad Wilii and Polish Radio Kamil Zalewski. The Court stated, that the applicant lives with her husband…


EFHR visiting the Parliament of the Republic of Lithuania

On Friday, 15th March 2019, the team of EFHR visited the Parliament of the Republic of Lithuania on their work outing. Together with their mentor Monika, the interns Alessandra, Elisa, Jędrzej Jakub and Lorena, were given a one hour guided tour of the most important buildings and rooms, namely the Seimas Plenary Chamber, the Hall…


First court decision in klaipeda: letter „w“ is allowable

On 3rd of April this year Klaipeda District Court issued a decision about the original spelling of a letter „w“ in a marriage certificate. Whereas European Foundation of Human Rights has won over 40 cases in Lithuanian courts, it is the first court ruling in Klaipeda. In 2018 applicant got married to a citizen of Switzerland and took his surname in its original form…


New intern from Ukraine – Ganna Dudinska

Ganna is a human rights lawyer, a researcher and a civil society activist from Ukraine. Ganna holds LLB from the National University of Kyiv Mohyla Academy and LLM in Human Rights from Central European University. Originally, Ganna comes from the city of Donetsk, Eastern Ukraine. However, the war forced her to flee and she found…


Is the slogan “Lithuania for Lithuanians” – a hate crime?

April 9, 2019, the District Court of Vilnius City issued a judgment in the case, which became a cause célèbre and concerned a hate crime committed against Fabian Sanchez, a citizen of Ecuador. The Court found J.Malinovski and E.Lukasevicius guilty of causing a public nuisance under the rule of Article 284 of the Criminal Code of Republic of Lithuania (Criminal Code) and…


Court: Existing legal regulation is not sufficient to guarantee the rights of individuals

On April 12, 2019 Panevėžys District Court has decided that the civil status record may contain a surname with the letter “x”. In 2018 the applicant married a Belgian national and chose the spouse’s name. However, when registering a marriage in Lithuania, Panevėžys Registrar’s Office did not satisfy the applicant’s request to enter her surname…


New EFHR intern from Canada

Aiden Tamasauskas is a multi-disciplinary student from Canada. His internship with EFHR will last for just over two months. As a Canadian of Lithuanian descent, he has come to Vilnius to observe, respect and contribute to a socio-cultural region that he has always been interested in. Aiden holds a master’s degree in Legal and Political Philosophy from Queen’s University…


EFHR welcomes a new team member

Marta is a Polish-born youth worker, facilitator, and trainer. She moved to Vilnius from Riga, where she initially began to explore life in the Baltic states. Marta has recently graduated from Adam Mickiewicz University in Poznań obtaining a master’s degree in security studies. Additionally, she holds a bachelor’s degree in Finno-Ugric philology. Combining these two…


The EFHR welcomes a new intern from Poland

Karolina Antos is a 4th year student at the International Institute of Energy Policy and Diplomacy of Moscow State Institute of International Relations with a specialization in international relations and energy diplomacy. Karolina is originally from Cracow but has spent the last 3 years in Moscow, where she gained an interest in political science, human rights and…


EFHR Welcomes a New Team Member Aisen Bragin from Poland

Aisen was born in the coldest region of Siberia, Russia. He is a journalist and a lawyer. He is currently pursuing a PhD at The University of Gdańsk in Poland. So far, his work has been in media and human rights. From 13 years of age Aisen started to write articles in local newspapers in…


EFHR trainees visit the Centre for Civil Education

On 25th July, the European Foundation of Human Rights (EFHR) visited the Centre for Civil Education in Vilnius. Two trainees – Aiden Tamasauskas from Canada, and Marta Bednarczyk from Poland – were accompanied and guided through the centre by the EFHR Lawyer and Project Coordinator, Monika Guliakaitė. As a part of its apprentice programme, EFHR…


EFHR Among Participants of ‘Laisvės Piknikas’

On 24th August, the biggest summer festival of ideas “Laisvės piknikas” (English: “Freedom picnic”) will take place for the fourth time. The organisers claim that everyone will find something they like: there will be a place for discussions, entertainment and sports zones, game areas, appearances and presentations of businesses and non-governmental organisations (NGOs), as well…


EFHR’s Impressions After the Freedom Picnic

On 24th of August, the 4th edition of Kaunas’ festival of ideas Freedom Picnic (Lithuanian: Laisvės piknikas) invited many known Lithuanian politicians, leaders, journalists, economists and celebrities to participate in an open debate, answer the public’s most pressing questions, and encourage visitors to generate ideas through inspiring workshops. Participants of the Freedom Picnic had an…


EFHR Invites to Discuss Stereotypes at Discussion Festival “Būtent”

The discussion festival “Būtent” (English: “Exactly”) held in Vytautas Park, Birštonas on 6th-7th September 2019 is a free discussion event for people who seek not only entertainment but also content. This year, the festival will hold over 100 different events with more than 300 presenters from business, academic, political, non-governmental organisations (NGOs) and cultural sectors.…


EFHR Joins ESN International Fair

On 3rd September, the European Foundation of Human Rights (EFHR) marked its presence at the International Fair during Orientation Week Autumn 2019 held by the European Student Network (ESN) at the Vilnius University. In a full hall of students, the vivid international community shared snacks and drinks from their countries to introduce their cultures to…