Newest intern at EFHR – Lorena

Starting from January 2019, Lorena Mosharof is joining the European Foundation of Human Rights (EFHR) as an intern for 3 months. As a second year Master’s student of Communication and Anthropology with special focus on development and transnational issues at the University of Bonn in Germany, Lorena is particularly interested in post-Soviet studies and political…


Beginning of 2019 with another letter “w” in the marriage certificate.

On 8th of January this year District Court of Vilnius City issued a decision regarding the original spelling of names and surnames. Judita Zavadzka, the Applicant, who at the beginning of 2018 has married Polish citizen, has turned to the Court after rejection from The Vilnius Registrar’s Office regarding the change of the surname from…


Courts still close the loopholes caused by legislature

In 2014 Constitutional Court noted that in some cases non-Lithuanian names and surnames can be registered not only by means of Lithuanian language characters, but also using characters of the Latin alphabet. Nevertheless, the current legislation states that in the official documents of citizens of Lithuania names and surnames are to be spelled by means…


Lecture on hate speech at John Paul II gymnasium

Lawyers of the European Foundation of Human Rights (EFHR) were invited to give a lecture to the students of John Paul II gymnasium on Wednesday, January 23rd of 2019 about human rights and hate speech on the Internet. They tackled the general fields and areas of the Foundation’s work regarding human rights and hate speech,…


New intern at the European Foundation of Human Rights

Elisa is native to the south of France, and is a new volunteer at the EFHR for 5 months. After graduating with a bachelor’s degree in Modern Applied Languages (English and Spanish) with an emphasis in communication, she decided to start a Master’s degree in European studies and international relations. She also had the opportunity…


New intern at the efhr

Oskar Pytka, a new intern at the European Foundation of Human Rights (EFHR), is currently a full-time student at Coventry University in England. Living outside the borders of the homeland gives him the confidence needed to seek further international cooperation and opportunities for internships. Oskar uses his current knowledge and skills as a volunteer in…


New intern at EFHR – Alessandra Bisaccioni

Alessandra is native to the center of Italy and she is attending an internship at the EFHR for three months. After graduating with a Bachelor’s degree in law at the Bologna University, she decided to start to practice law in several legal offices in Italy (Bologna and Arezzo). After the recognition of the Italian law…


Jędrzej Błaszczak – a new intern at EFHR

Jędrzej Błaszczak is a student at the University of Silesia in south of Poland, where he studies law. During his degree he became particularly interested in international law, human rights and diplomacy. He had the opportunity to practice at the Embassy of the Republic of Poland in Tehran, where he participated in diplomatic meetings, wrote…


EFHR visiting the Parliament of the Republic of Lithuania

On Friday, 15th March 2019, the team of EFHR visited the Parliament of the Republic of Lithuania on their work outing. Together with their mentor Monika, the interns Alessandra, Elisa, Jędrzej Jakub and Lorena, were given a one hour guided tour of the most important buildings and rooms, namely the Seimas Plenary Chamber, the Hall…