EFHR takes EVS and trainees to Vilnius Municipality

On Friday 25th August, a trip was organised to Vilnius Municipality by the European Foundation of Human Rights (EFHR). The trainees Maciej Grześkowiak and Anna Mitrowska, along with the EVS volunteer Carmen Cara Lorente had the chance to attend a one hour guided tour at this public institution, which is located in the centre of…


Training in minorities rights in Rudowsia village

On the 10th of August 2017, representatives of the European Foundation of Human Rights (EFHR), Leszek Jankowski and Maciej Grześkowiak, took part in a meeting with representatives of the local Polish minority at the Rudowsia village, located in Niemenczyn county. The meeting aimed at familiarising village residents with rights, to which minorities are prerogative by…


The representative of the EFHR on the next hate speech training

    On July 10-17, 2017 in the small Romanian town – Ramnicu Sarat, an international youth exchange took place. It was entitled as an “Athletic attitude against hate speech”. There were exchanged  the representatives from seven countries: Lithuania, Poland, Romania, Slovenia, Turkey, Italy and Greece. The purpose of the exchange was to accept posts,…


EFHR has a new EVS Volunteer from Spain.

Carmen is a Spanish new EVS volunteer who has studied Law and Political Science as undergraduate and Master’s in International Relations. She has been studying both in Spain and in Great Britain. Joining European Foundation of Human Rights (EFHR) and the project ‘Notice it! Human Rights in our daily life’ is a great opportunity to…


EFHR Tour to Civic Education Center

On Friday, July 28th. The team of European Foundation of Human Rights (EFHR) went to the Center for Civic Education (Valstybės pažinimo centras). The employees and the volunteers from EFHR: Leszek Jankowski, Agnieszka Malinauskaite, Alena Ruta, Jolanta Pilecka, Maciej Grześkowiak, Anna Mitrowska, Yaprak Boyacıoğlu and David Rodriguez Fernandez (EVS Volunteer) had a chance to learn…


EFHR – the host of the discussion „Future strategy: how volunteering, interships and the “Erasmus+” Program educate the multicultural generation”

On July 25th 2017 The European Foundation of Human Rights (EFHR) organized the discussion entitled “Future strategy: how volunteering, interships and the “Erasmus+” Program educate the multicultural generation”. The purpose of the discussion was to spread the positive factors of volunteering and to raise the interests of young people. The discussion took place at the…


Human rights contest: winners revealed!

The Facebook contest organized by the European Foundation of Human Rights (EFHR) is closed! On 17 July of the current year the EFHR encouraged to take part in the contest and answer test questions. The test was devoted to human rights. It was really worth to compete in because prizes were nice! Everyone could take…


The EFHR invites to a discussion on traineeship and volunteering

The European Foundation of Human Rights organizes a discussion for the youth on traineeship and volunteering opportunities. The discussion will take place on Tuesday, 25 July and is entitled “Strategy for the future: how volunteering, traineeship and “Erasmus+” programme cultivate the multicultural generation”. The discussion participants will have a chance to learn directly from representatives…


Billingual plates – the end or the beginning of history?

Three years ago the cases in the court were finished. They obligate the directors of local governments to pay fine for putting bilingual plates. From that time the compromise was held –  plates can be put up in private houses but public plates shall be written only in Lithuanian language. In the beginning of 2017…


Impressions of a EVS volunteer at the “Šilas” school

European Foundation of Human Rights (EFHR) would like to share an experience from our wonderful volunteer! How did you first learn about EVS? I learnt about EVS from a friend of mine. He is volunteering in Finland in project related to refugees. When I finished my studies in Spain I thought it would be a…



European Foundation of Human Rights presents: EVS Project „Notice it! Humans rights in our daily life“ (project No. 2016-3-LT02-KA105-005005).

Mobility period: 10 months, from 2017-08-01 till 2018-05-31.

Please send your CV to info@efhr.eu

For more information, please check the EFHR EVS Volunteer page and European Commission webpage

Anna Mitrowska: a new trainee at EFHR

Anna Mitrowska, who is undergoing traineeship at EFHR from the beginning of July to the end of August, is a student of the Faculty of Psychology at the University of Warsaw. The discipline which interests her the most is social psychology, especially relationships between groups: the subject of prejudice, conflicts, as well as the situation…


EFHR has a new intern from Turkey

Yaprak is a law student at the University of Strasbourg, France.  As a Turkish citizen who has been educated in French since the primary school, studying in France was the most logical choice for her. Since she is going to be a second-year law student in the next academic year, she will follow an academic…


EFHR’s trainings for the pupils from Ukraine in the Jozef Ignacy Kraszewski’s Secondary School in Vilnius.

27th June of this year, representative of European Foundation of Human Rights (EFHR), Ewelina Dobrowolska and our trainee Justyna Tupikowska conducted the training in the Jozef Ignacy Kraszewski’s Secondary School in Vilnius. The participants of this trainings were student and teachers from Ukraine and representatives of Jozef Ignacy Kraszewski’s Secondary School. During trainings the participants…


“Friendly Vilnius”: opened places without discrimination

On the 21st June the second edition of “Friendly Vilnius” map was presented. It promotes respect and openness towards everyone without exception. The project includes over 50 businesses and 10 non-governmental organizations, one of them is European Foundation of Human Rights (EFHR). This year 20 000 free copies of the map were distributed. Volunteers and…


Justyna Marcel – a new trainee

Justyna Marcel is a second-year student of economic-IT  Department, of subsidiary of Białystok University in Vilnius studying European Studies. Justyna was not planing on continuing studies after finishing school straight away, but a new degree course and willing to get to know EU better has changed her plans. ‘Human rights in EU’ became her favorite…