Plenipotentiary of Katyn families: Strasbourg is working!

On 19-21th December, tens of people took part in the fourth series of lectures about human rights, which were organized by the Lawyers Association of Polish people in Lithuania, in cooperation with the European Foundation of Human rights. The last lectures this year were led by Dr Ireneusz C. Kamiński, expert of the Council of Europe.

Working instrument – a victim of its own success.

According to dr I.C. Kamiński, the European Convention on Human Rights and Fundamental Freedom is one of the few working law instruments. Why? Many conventions are missing an essential element that is implementation mechanisms. But as Dr Kaminski said, the Convention is at the same time a victim of its own success, because the European Court of Human Rights is simply flooded with complaints: about 150 thousand cases are waiting to be considered (!). Attempts to change the situation on the way of reform are being made. Each of us can make a complaint to the Court, thus each of us can make the Convention’s rules function.