A petition of the European Foundation of Human Rights

 A petition of the European Foundation of Human Rights, reference number 1008/2011, against gathering and processing of data revealing ethnic origin by the Republic of Lithuania, as well as issues raised in it were considered admissible according to the Rules of the European Parliament. That is why the Commission of Petitions initiated its consideration. Below,…


March of freedom or march of independence?

On Sunday, 11th March, on the day of the independence of the Lithuanian state, two marches took place in Vilnius: one under the slogan “Lithuania for Lithuanians, second, alternative one “We celebrate the freedom”. Two completely different marches, under the flag of one country; Many people were happy to hear that the march of freedom…


Another punishment for the comments.

District Court of the region Šiauliai issued a writ against one of the inhabitants of Šiauliai region Virgiljus Putramentas for inciting racial hatred calling for discrimination on the national origin grounds and humiliating commentary on the basis of the EFPCz motion directed to The General Prosecutor’s Office 3rd of August 2011. (click here to read…


3 wins concerning comments!

The European Foundation of Human Rights has received further notifications that three penal orders had been issued against the authors of offensive comments, on the basis of the motions filed with the Prosecutor General’s Office by the Foundation (about the previous wins: http://www.efhr.eu/2012/03/15/first-penalty-for-comments/?lang=en, http://www.efhr.eu/2012/04/16/another-punishment-for-the-comments/?lang=en). On23 April 2012 the District Courtof Panevėžys City (Panevėžio miesto apylinkės…


Another success of EFHR: Court of Appeals rejects appeal of the Inspector of Journalists’ Ethics against Wilnoteka.lt

Lithuanian Court of Appeals agreed with arguments of lawyer Tadeusz Gudzińśki representing Wilnoteka on behalf of the European Foundation of Human Rights and upheld the verdict announced on 22nd December 2011 by the Vilnius County Administrative Court (for more information see http://www.efhr.eu/2011/12/23/the-court-rescinded-the-inspector‘s-penalty-for-wilnoteka-pl/?lang=en). Giving the ruling, the Court overruled the decision of the Inspector of Journalists’…


EFHR has achieved another success with respect to comments on the web!

The European Foundation of Human Rights has been informed that on the basis of petitions filed by the Foundation another penal order to the author of offensive comment has been issued to the Regional Prosecutor’s Office (to learn about the previous successes, go to: http://www.efhr.eu/2012/03/15/first-penalty-for-comments/?lang=en, http://www.efhr.eu/2012/04/16/another-punishment-for-the-comments/?lang=en, http://www.efhr.eu/2012/07/18/3-wins-concerning-comments/?lang=en ).


Free legal advices at the Odyssey of the Polish Army Festival in Medininkai

European Foundation of Human Rights is pleased to announce that on 12 August 2012 at the Odyssey of the Polish Army Festival in Medininkai was giving free legal advices. The Festival was organized by the Vilnius Branch of the ZPL and the Polish Club of Theatre Arts. Stand of the Foundation draw a lot of…


Punishing for comments gains pace

The European Foundation of Human Rights would like to inform that another injunction for an author of an offensive comment was issued. It was based on the Foundation’s applications submitted to the General Public Prosecutor’s Office. (You can read about previous successes in court here) On 31 July 2012 the court of Kėdainiai district (Kėdainių…


European Foundation of Human Rights at the harvest festival in Soleczniki!

European Foundation of Human Rights informs that it took part in the harvest festival in Soleczniki on September 16th. The festival was organized by the local government and Culture Centre in Soleczniki. The agricultural fair attracted many visitors, among them also Poles. Thanks to it the Foundation attracted great interest among the participants of the…


The European Foundation of Human Rights organized a lecture in the Mykolas Romeris University!

September, 27th The European Foundation of Human Rights organised a lecture in the Mykolas Romeris University for the fourth year students of Public Administration about the non- governmental organizations (NGO) and law regulations in Lithuania. During the lecture, students learnt more about the law regulations concerning the NGOs basing on the law on Public Institutions…


Trainings about human rights are over.

At the abode of the foundation of human rights were held the trainings about the violation of human rights at the European court of human rights and at the court of Justice of the European union on 19-20 th October of 2012. The training covered the topics from the formal and procedural points of view.…


More representatives of EFHR at “What about Gender?” training courses.

In April this year the European Foundation of Human Rights was encouraging the youth to take part in a training course called “What about Gender?” (More info at: http://www.efhr.eu/2012/04/12/what-about-gender/?lang=en). It is worth mentioning that applying for participation was available to all organizations from all of the EU countries, the SEE countries (Montenegro, Serbia, Turkey, Moldova,…


A hefty financial fine for the internet comment

The European Human Rights Foundation was glad to receive a piece of information concerning  the fine that has been issued as for the anti-internet-violence campaign that has ran for over a year.  For the first time the court of justice issued a warrant, based on the Foundation’s appeal to the General Prosecution, according to the…


EFHR took part in the International Day Against Fascism and Antisemitism

International Day Against Fascism and Antisemitism  – is an annual commemoration of the Jews killed in the Nazi Germany during ‘Kristallnacht’ (Crystal Night) pogrom that occurred on the 9th of November 1938, commemorated internationally since 1989. Since 1995 the commemoration is coordinated by the biggest in Europe charity organisation against nationalism, fascism and racism –…


“Conducting cases of violation of human rights in the European Court of Human Rights and the Court of Justice of the European Union – the procedure and formal requirements” – in English

The European Foundation of Human Rights is pleased to invite you to a subsequently training (the first one was conducted on 19 October 2012 ), during which participants will have the opportunity to deepen their knowledge on the Charter of Fundamental Rights of the European Union as a practical tool for conducting cases of violation…


EFHR on trainings in Finland

On 12-17 November 2012 in Finland, a conference was held titled “Wake Up Europe: It’s Time to Act! Creative approaches to tackle discrimination”. The aim of this conference was to share the latest strategies and practices in the “European movement against discrimination”. The conference included the plenary sessions, working in groups, lectures, workshops, presentations, debates,


Summary of recent training (23rd-24th of November)

On last Friday and Saturday, the European Foundation of Human Rights organised free training sessions on Human Rights, in Vilnius’s Władysław Syrokomla’s College. The course’s participants were mainly teachers but the event was also attended by students of local universities and colleges. The training was led by specialists in the field of Human Rights –…


EFHR in Porto – “What about Gender” training course

Between the 23rd of November and the 1st of December, an organisation specialising in hosting  courses related to inter-cultural dialogue called ConnectART, held a training course in Porto (Portugal) named “What about gender” (Co na temat płci). Almost 30 participants from 10 European countries took part in the training, who represented various NGOs. Lithuania was…


Bartłomiej Śliwa – intern EFHR

The European Foundation for Human Rights (EFHR) is pleased to welcome a new volunteer Bartłomiej Śliwa, a graduate in sociology and comparative study of civilizations at the Jagiellonian University in Kraków and a participant of education projects in the field of human rights protection and measures against racism and xenophobia organized by the Foundation Humanity…