1 EFHR brings Christmas presents to the Orphanage in Podbrodzie 2012/12/29
2 “W” lawful in Lithuania after all 2012/12/28
3 How to change your name—step-by-step instruction
4 Bartłomiej Śliwa – intern EFHR 2012/12/27
5 4th Summer Academy: Democracy at School – Call for participants! 2012/12/20
6 European Foundation of Human Rights participating in training in Strasbourg 2012/12/19
7 The European Foundation of Human Rights (EFHR) on international conference in Latvia. 2012/12/18
8 The case of Polish minority in Lithuania is being discussed, the European Commission’s position has a consultative character for the European Parliament 2012/12/10
9 The Ministry of Culture announces a contest – “For Ethnic Tolerance” 2012/12/05
10 We invite you to take part in long-term training for youth workers, for the years 2013-2014! 2012/12/04
11 EFHR in Porto – “What about Gender” training course 2012/12/03
12 Summary of recent training (23rd-24th of November) 2012/11/28
13 EFHR on trainings in Finland 2012/11/21
14 The struggle for surname spelling continues. 2012/11/16
15 Results of the action taken against discrimination. Don’t be deceived! 2012/11/15
16 “Conducting cases of violation of human rights in the European Court of Human Rights and the Court of Justice of the European Union – the procedure and formal requirements” – in English 2012/11/13
17 We highly encourage to applying for participation in the Justice Initiative Fellows Program 2013-2015
18 EFHR nominated for “Pole of the Year 2012” 2012/11/12
19 EFHR took part in the International Day Against Fascism and Antisemitism 2012/11/09
20 Visible effects of the campaign led by EFHR against offensive comments in the cyberspace 2012/11/04
21 Success of European Foundation Of Human Rights concerning expelling tourists from Poland from the church 2012/11/01
22 A hefty financial fine for the internet comment 2012/10/28
23 More representatives of EFHR at “What about Gender?” training courses. 2012/10/24
24 Lithuanian edition of the Council of Europe education pack “Rights and Freedoms in practice” is now available for distribution! 2012/10/23
25 Trainings about human rights are over. 2012/10/22
26 You are welcome to apply to attend a project “Step in! Be Active Against Racist Propaganda and Hate Speech Online”. 2012/10/11
27 New Procedural Rules of the Court of Justice 2012/10/10
28 Important information for every voter 2012/10/08
29 Take part in free training courses! 2012/10/02
30 Incitement to hatred on grounds of nationality enters the church 2012/10/01
31 The European Foundation of Human Rights organized a lecture in the Mykolas Romeris University! 2012/09/27
32 A major step forward in the fight against the hatred on the grounds of nationality 2012/09/26
33 EFHR takes legal action on throwing Polish tourists out of church 2012/09/25
34 Polish names of streets are an eyesore again 2012/09/24
35 Check your knowledge 2012/09/19
36 The European Union Agency for Fundamental Rights will change 2010 report on Lithuania
37 The European Foundation of Human Rights campaign on the case of inappropriate comments is still in progress 2012/09/18
38 European Foundation of Human Rights at the harvest festival in Soleczniki! 2012/09/17
39 Racist attacks can’t be tolerated! 2012/09/12
40 Don’t be afraid to speak in your native language! 2012/09/10
41 Freedom House report criticizes Lithuania for attitude towards national minorities
42 European Fundation of Human rights is not gonna give up! 2012/09/03
43 Punishing for comments gains pace 2012/08/29
44 The European Foundation of Human Rights is against discrimination! 2012/08/28
45 Free legal advices at the Odyssey of the Polish Army Festival in Medininkai 2012/08/27
46 European Citizen, be aware of your rights! 2012/08/23
47 Gifts for rural residents 2012/08/22
48 EFHR has achieved another success with respect to comments on the web! 2012/08/16
49 The investigation on the “Saw for the Poles” continues 2012/08/15
50 European Foundation of Human Rights support the decision of OSCE 2012/08/14
51 European Foundation of Human Rights expresses concern about the comments 2012/08/03
52 The European Foundation of Human Rights is taking part in the summer school titled “Using Lisbon Treaty for Building Active Citizenship”. 2012/08/02
53 EFHR as the only Lithuanian foundation which has lent support to the first European Citizens’ Initiative – Fraternité2020 2012/08/01
54 Another success of EFHR: Court of Appeals rejects appeal of the Inspector of Journalists’ Ethics against Wilnoteka.lt 2012/07/26
55 “Radio-eaters’ summer break” – summer edition reports competition from the “Radio-eaters’ school” 2012/07/25
56 Photo competition “Europe in my Region” 2012/07/19
57 Surnames – no, the names of companies – of course
58 3 wins concerning comments! 2012/07/18
59 Polish edition of the Council of Europe education pack “Rights and Freedoms in practice” being distributed 2012/07/17
60 Jendzej Kovalcuk 2012/07/09
61 Foundation is seeking a Lawyer and a Solicitor
62 European Foundation of Human Rights is seeking people interested in the position of an Administrator 2012/07/01
63 Welcome to the European Foundation of Human Rights new headquarters! 2012/06/28
64 500 LT for naming the people involved in riots following the football matches in Wilno. 2012/06/27
65 Aid for children placed children’s homes
66 Too much noise about nothing 2012/06/23
67 The European Foundation of Human Rights is contented with the information of resignation of carrying work on new Act on State Language 2012/06/14
68 Scholarships for Masters courses in Switzerland 2012/06/12
69 Hotels will pay for TV and radio… but a dentist will not!
70 47 states and one Organisation… the Council of Europe
71 EFHR Trainee has won the Jonowicz Brothers Contest „My place – Vilnius” 2012/06/06
72 Amnesty International criticises Lithuania 2012/05/25
73 The Youth Assembly 2012 4-8 October 2012 – the European Youth Centre at Strasbourg
74 Cybercrime to be prosecuted all around Europe 2012/05/23
75 After the Web 2.0 Revolutions: New Media as an Instrument for Change and Democracy? 2012/05/18
76 The European Foundation of Human Rights will take part in the “What about Gender?” training course 2012/05/15
77 „Saw for the Poles” case continued – the prosecution starts an investigation following our intervention. 2012/05/02
78 The European Parliament considers the rights of the Polish minority in Lithuania to be a very important matter. Below is Mr. Tomasz Snarski’s account of the Committee on Petitions’ meeting. 2012/04/26
79 The European-wide Action Week Against Racism 2012/04/24
80 Group on Facebook called “Saw on Poles” deleted! 2012/04/20
82 Another punishment for the comments. 2012/04/16
83 WHAT ABOUT GENDER 2012/04/12
84 2012 OHCHR Minorities Fellowship Programme (English) – call for applications 2012/04/06
85 “Poles, Europeans, Citizens”. There is a new textbook of Social Studies for Polish schools in Lithuania! 2012/04/03
86 Does the law allow discrimination? 2012/03/28
87 Get involved in the European Week Against Racism! 2012/03/21
88 17th March – 1st anniversary of the adoption of the Act on Education
89 We invite you for an open lecture! 2012/03/19
90 March of freedom or march of independence? 2012/03/15
91 First penalty for comments
92 Research of the Polish minority situation in Lithuania. 2012/03/10
93 International Empowerment training 2012/03/08
94 Take part in the procession of Freedom! 2012/03/07
95 Conference on “Minority representation and minority language rights: Origins, experiences and lessons to be learned” 2012/03/06
96 The Racial Equality Directive: application and challenges 2012/02/29
97 The case of the minister’s G. Steponavičius letter is still opened 2012/02/28
98 Poland speaks out yet Lithuania sees no problem 2012/02/26
99 Free access to over 9 language courses 2012/02/21
100 “Feed me better” project launched 2012/02/17
101 OHCHR Minorities Fellowship Programme 2012/02/16
102 Ministry of Culture questions decision to punish employees of Lithuanian Railways 2012/02/13
103 Learn more about minorities in Europe! 2012/02/10
104 We invite you to the International Youth Meeting
105 A petition of the European Foundation of Human Rights 2012/02/09
106 Marches for Defence of Human Rights 2012/02/03
107 Swastika – historical heritage of Lithuania
108 Initiative to File Motions for Prosecution Speeds Up 2012/01/25
109 Reward for the information about the perpetrators of beating of the teenager 2012/01/24
110 MP intervenes in a case for the punishment for Lithuanian railways to the European Parliament 2012/01/23
111 The case of the 11 fined employees of „Lietuvos Geležinkeliai“ PLC has caused a stir in the Polish and Lithuanian media 2012/01/20
112 The European Court of Human Rights to communicate Lithuania 2012/01/10
113 Foundation on “The Sight” 2012/01/09
114 EFHR took notice seriously of the survey published in the issue of “IQ” on January 2012/01/06
115 Appreciation to Ewelina Saszenko and thanks to Lietuvos Radijas ir Televizija 2012/01/04
116 Modern Poland Foundation for Kids- The Plaything 2012/01/02