1 President sees no difference between national minorities and migrants 2013/12/23
2 Final Ceremony of EFHR Competitions 2013/12/22
3 EFHR marks the International Human Rights Day with a training 2013/12/21
4 EFHR offers psychological and legal support to children’s homes 2013/12/20
5 EFHR on the final ceremony at the Young Journalists Forum 2013/12/19
6 The Inspector of Journalist Ethics has accepted EFHR’s argumentation about the publication in the newspaper “Kurier Wileński” 2013/12/18
7 EFHR enters into cooperation with the University of Applied Social Sciences in Lithuania 2013/12/16
8 EFHR invites for a free training! 2013/12/14
9 EFHR at the meeting of human rights groups
10 Welcome to the grand final of the EFHR competition!
11 EFHR invites for a free training! 2013/12/13
12 A green light to participate in the European Voluntary Service (EVS)
13 A promise to set new boundaries of single-member constituencies is made 2013/12/12
14 EFHR opinion on SLLC’s comments on provisions of national minorities draft law 2013/12/10
15 Personal names can now retain original spelling in official documents 2013/12/09
16 A pecuniary fine for two derogatory comments 2013/12/07
17 EFHR at the premier Forum for Polish Kindergartens in Vilnius 2013/12/06
18 Three lost cases in the European Court of Human Rights in November 2013/12/04
19 Artists sing about patriotism – an occasion to talk about human rights 2013/12/03
20 New trainee of the European Foundation of Human Rights 2013/12/01
21 Towards intercultural education 2013/11/28
22 Alternative NGO Report on Lithuania’s Implementation of the Framework Convention for the Protection of National Minorities
23 Cooperation with Swedish organization established 2013/11/26
24 The author of the comment that discriminates the Polish minority under the curators supervision 2013/11/21
25 Decreasing number of discriminatory job offers
26 EFHR at international conference „Combating hate crime in the EU” 2013/11/14
27 Lectures on human rights being continued at schools 2013/11/13
28 Get to know your rights
29 EFHR promoting an International Day Against Discrimination 2013/11/11
30 Handcuffs put on human rights organisations
31 EFHR for the third time participated in a conference organised by UNITED 2013/11/07
32 Dear European citizen, what do you know about your rights? 2013/11/06
33 European Civic Initiative „F2020” has ended
34 The case of bilingual street signs once again 2013/11/04
35 EFHR workshop on human rights
36 English information signs considered legal 2013/10/30
37 A representative of EFHR at the seminar in Warsaw 2013/10/23
38 Inability of Lithuania to comply with international law 2013/10/22
39 European Citizens’ Initiative “Fraternité 2020” 2013/10/21
40 EFHR raises the matter of bilingual voting cards 2013/10/14
41 Council of Europe information booklet “Learning and Living Democracy” 2013/10/12
42 Sometimes a job offer can be more than just a simple employment contract. Don’t let the employers trick you! 2013/10/03
43 New EFHR trainee 2013/10/02
44 Let’s break the stereotypes about minorities in Lithuania! 2013/10/01
45 Last summer excursions of EFHR this year
46 Lithuanian courts still ignore international law 2013/09/27
47 Report from the Central Europe Youth Forum in Tarnów 2013/09/26
48 Civic education project kicks off! 2013/09/24
49 International Day of Peace 2013/09/20
50 Trainings for teachers have come to an end 2013/09/14
51 Lectures on human rights in Polish schools 2013/09/13
52 The Resolution of the European Parliament calling for the protection of European languages in the EU 2013/09/12
53 www.lrytas.lt editorial office amends article following EFHR claim 2013/09/11
54 Lithuania loves Poland
55 Encouraging physical violence still taking place in the cyberspace? 2013/09/10
56 False information on financing Lithuanian schools in Poland 2013/09/06
57 Free trainings for teachers of social studies! 2013/09/03
58 EFHR trip campaign coming to an end 2013/09/01
59 EFHR is looking for an assistant administrator for the half- or the full-time job 2013/08/30
60 EFHR is looking for a lawyer/paralegal
61 Charity Actions of EFHR in orphanages 2013/08/29
62 Interviews with the Vilnius region veterans 2013/08/27
63 Invitation from the European Foundation for Human Rights for you! 2013/08/21
64 The EFHR wins two cases against the SKVC 2013/08/15
65 The 32nd International Youth Convention: Log In for Social Inclusion, Log In for Human Rights 2013/08/14
66 A comment on Facebook can also be liable to a penalty
67 The European Foundation of Human Rights receives the training in the Netherlands 2013/08/13
68 The EFHR in Medininkai
69 Lithuanian law and verdict of Court of Justice of the European Union about sports transmissions 2013/08/12
70 Tomaš Jenkelevič joins EFHR 2013/08/09
71 International Human Rights Training is over 2013/08/06
72 Referendum on farmland contrary to EU law 2013/07/30
73 Free training on International Human Rights! 2013/07/26
74 “Nationality in passport” 2013/07/25
75 The 25th Jubilee Touristic Gathering of Poles in Lithuania is over
76 Waneta Banel v. Lithuania 2013/07/24
77 President Dalia Grybauskaitė and the Polish issue 2013/07/23
78 European Foundation of Human Rights on a project in Cyprus
79 Absurd argumentation of State Inspectorate of Language does not surprise anymore
80 The Prime Minister of the Republic of Lithuania misleads whole nation 2013/07/18
81 EFHR on the International Festival of Contemporary Dance 2013/07/15
82 The EFHR meets the Advisory Council to discuss applying of the Framework Convention for the Protection of National Minorities
83 A restriction on freedom  for one year for the comment in the Internet 2013/07/11
84 The tenth anniversary European Summer School has gone
85 Adjudgement concerning matura exam does not exclude the existence of different matura exams. 2013/07/09
86 EFHR on the XVII international conference „Science and the quality of life” 2013/07/05
87 The European Foundation of Human Rights is happy to rpesent a new member 2013/07/04
88 „Second Step“ in Moldova 2013/07/03
89 EFHR still fights hate speech in the Internet 2013/06/26
90 Whose rights have primacy? 2013/06/19
91 „47 countries and one organisation… The Council of Europe” brochure is being distributed! 2013/06/14
92 EFHR’s workshops at schools in May
93 Thorbjorn Jagland’s visit in Lithuania 2013/06/13
94 A new member in EFHR
95 European Foundation of Human Rights is looking for a translator! 2013/06/12
96 EFHR lecture in the University of the third age in Vilnius 2013/06/05
97 EFHR on the UNITED training
98 Freedom House changes its report about Lithuania on EFHR’s application 2013/06/03
99 Lithuanian language under better constitutional protection
100 EFHR supports double citizenship in Lithuania and prohibition of denaturalisation 2013/05/28
101 The UNITED conference in Lithuania 2013/05/24
102 Europe Day has passed 2013/05/22
103 Europe Day Celebration 2013/05/20
104 EFHR supports OSCE in trying to improve the voting rights in Lithuania, which would enable widening national minorities’ representation in Lithuanian politics 2013/05/14
105 Check your knowledge! 2013/05/08
106 Europe Day – let’s celebrate it together!
107 Court admits that EFHR is right in argument with Equal Treatment Controller’s Service
108 Another success of EFHR – 3 criminal cases won 2013/04/29
109 Contracts of employment in a foreign language also in Lithuania 2013/04/25
110 Apple is not always an apple and Kowalski is not always Kowalski 2013/04/22
111 Promote the activities of EFHR! 2013/04/16
112 Tomasz Prądzyński — an intern in the EFHR 2013/04/04
113 We invite you to participate in the International Summer Academy for Peace and Intercultural Dialogue! 2013/03/31
114 Professor Fernand de Varennes visits Lithuania
115 Trainings „Diversity among us”
116 Another criminal penalty for a comment in the cyberspace
117 Stop the increase of racism and discrimination! 2013/03/29
118 A week against racism 2013/03/13
119 The results of EFHR activity during past conferences 2013/03/01
120 Running away from inconvenient facts 2013/02/27
121 What happens next with proper names? 2013/02/25
122 The Foundation organized the meeting to discuss changing the spelling of surnames. 2013/02/19
123 Nobody will be punished for writing “hairdresser” or “shop” 2013/02/13
124 More contradictions in law on cases of original names and surnames spelling
125 Invitation for an information meeting: do I have the right to the original spelling of my name and surname? 2013/02/11
126 EFHR is not the victim – “Saw for the Poles” case continued 2013/02/10
127 Anti-Hate Speech Movement Training 2013/02/06
128 We encourage you to participate in international training courses in Poland! 2013/02/01
129 The campaign against bilingual street name plates continues 2013/01/30
130 Why does the number of requests concerning change of surname fall? 2013/01/28
131 New year – new victories 2013/01/25
132 Another Human Rights Report Critical Towards Lithuania 2013/01/14
133 This year the Great Orchestra of Christmas Charity is going to play in Vilnius for the first time! 2013/01/08
134 Deprivation of liberty for an internet comment 2013/01/03