1 Another successful year in terms of raising awareness about human rights! 2014/12/29
2 The winners of the project “Europeans, Poles, Citizens” and the competition “Human rights in children’s eyes” have been chosen 2014/12/22
3 International Human Rights Day at Mykolas Romeris University 2014/12/13
4 New trainee of the EFHR 2014/12/12
5 International Volunteer Day 2014/12/10
6 Grants for cultural projects for national minorities 2014/12/08
7 EFHR has conducted workshops on human rights in Polish schools 2014/12/05
9 Record-breaking number of participants at EFHR’s training! 2014/12/03
10 EFHR at the The Polish Culture Days 2014/12/01
11 Citizenship Act – there are many ideas concerning the change, but isn’t there something important missing? 2014/11/26
12 Hidden traps in the Constitutional Act on the State Language 2014/11/25
13 International conference on Human Rights in Poland 2014/11/24
14 EFHR helps children from orphanages 2014/11/20
15 A new competition for students – join in! 2014/11/19
16 EFHR invites you to free training on human rights! 2014/11/18
17 EFHR starts a new initiative on the radio 2014/11/17
18 EFHR fights against Racism and Anti-Semitism 2014/11/13
19 Establishment of Department of National Minorities is a chance for a better future 2014/11/11
20 Become an intern at the European Foundation of Human Rights 2014/11/10
21 The awards gala for participants of the “We are all alike” competition 2014/11/03
22 The participants of the human rights project visited EFHR 2014/10/29
23 A new European Foundation of Human Rights team member 2014/10/26
24 Training for new European Voluntary Service volunteers 2014/10/22
25 Winners of the “We are all alike” competition have been selected! 2014/10/15
26 Learn English with EFHR! 2014/10/14
27 Meeting with OSCE expert on national minorities at the EFHR HQ 2014/10/13
28 New trainee at the European Foundation of Human Rights 2014/10/11
29 Twelve things everyone should know about the European Court of Justice 2014/10/08
30 EFHR’s lectures in schools 2014/10/06
31 The matter of the bilingual street signs almost solved 2014/10/03
32 The „We are similar” competition is reaching its end 2014/10/02
33 Polish media in English – we have already translated over 2000 articles! 2014/10/01
34 EFHR representatives in the media 2014/09/29
35 Discrimination in advertised vacancies 2014/09/24
36 EFHR in Polish and Lithuanian schools 2014/09/19
37 The discussion concerning unusual spelling of names and surnames 2014/09/16
38 EFHR invites youths to take part in the „Jesteśmy podobni” competition 2014/09/11
39 Charm yourself online! 2014/09/10
40 EFHR invites you to take part in a study on hate crimes in Lithuania 2014/09/09
41 The HREA educational platform 2014/09/05
42 Scholarships for student of Polish descent 2014/09/02
43 Facilitated traineeship possibilities in Lithuania – join in and become our trainee! 2014/08/28
44 EFHR at Youth Catholic Days 2014/08/25
45 Report of EFHR ”Observance of human rights in Lithuania for years 2012 – 2013” in a nutshell 2014/08/22
46 EFHR celebrated the Polish Army Holiday in Miedniki 2014/08/20
47 Lithuanian women’s rights in a CEDAW report 2014/08/18
48 EFHR workshops on human rights 2014/08/14
49 When personal opinion becomes public: EFHR fights against discrimination in the virtual space 2014/08/13
50 EFHR’s gifts for children from the Pabradė orphanage 2014/08/11
51 EFHR seeking parents of kindergarten-aged children 2014/08/07
52 Original spelling of names and surnames is a problem for all Lithuanian citizens 2014/08/05
53 EFHR lecture at the Summer Forum 2014/07/31
54 EFHR launches a new project with Erasmus + 2014/07/29
55 The results of the Lithuanian language exam between 2008-2013 2014/07/27
56 EFHR report on implementation of human rights in Lithuania in 2012-2013 2014/07/25
57 President Dalia Grybauskaitė wants to protect Lithuanian culture and language, ignoring Lithuania’s international obligations 2014/07/23
58 Disadvantageous changes to the Constitutional draft law on the State Language 2014/07/20
59 Starting from 2015 a passport will become a document that confirms national identity 2014/07/18
60 Amendments for the Bill of National Minorities accepted 2014/07/17
61 New trainee at the European Foundation of Human Rights 2014/07/16
62 Foreign personal names will be able to be adjusted to the original spelling 2014/07/15
63 Take part in an international competition! 2014/07/14
64 Bilingual street signs in the regions of Vilnius and Soleczniki – removed, in Kaunas – present for centuries 2014/07/11
65 New trainee at the European Foundation of Human Rights 2014/07/08
66 XXVI Touristic Rally of Poles in Lithuania is over 2014/07/07
67 EFHR celebrates the 70th anniversary of ”The Gate of Dawn” military operation 2014/07/06
68 Record-breaking punishment for a comment urging for national hatred among EFHR’s victories 2014/07/04
69 Suggested amendments to the Law on Provision of Information to the Public 2014/07/03
70 EFHR at the ENAR Conference 2014/06/26
71 EFHR at the St John’s ceremony in Rudamina 2014/06/25
72 EFHR representatives at the Culture Night festival 2014/06/23
73 Immense interest in the latest EFHR training on human rights 2014/06/19
74 The lack of law on national minorities is a serious problem 2014/06/18
75 SCLL is not against the original spelling of forenames and surnames 2014/06/16
76 EFHR changes working hours 2014/06/12
77 EFHR invites you to a free training session! 2014/06/11
78 Series of training seminars for orphanage workers concludes 2014/06/09
79 Report of the Secretary General of the Council of Europe on “State of Democracy, Human Rights and the Rule of Law in Europe” 2014/06/03
80 EFHR invites you to enter our short stories competition! 2014/06/02
81 Cyber crimes give rise to criminal liability 2014/06/01
82 EFHR has became a member of ENAR 2014/05/31
83 Bilingual Signboards are standard in the European Union 2014/05/29
84 Another EFHR and Trakai Secondary School success
85 Poland and the Poles in the eyes of Lithuanians – initiative to build friendly relationships 2014/05/28
86 EFHR members at the UNOY workshop 2014/05/27
87 Alternative NGO Report on Lithuania’s Implementation of the Framework Convention for the Protection of National Minorities 2014/05/26
88 Samir Safarli – New EFHR trainee 2014/05/24
89 New human rights network and platform ”Liberties.eu” launched 2014/05/23
90 Research results on human rights confirms the EFHR view 2014/05/22
91 EFHR representative at UNOY training 2014/05/19
92 Success of the High School in Trakai 2014/05/15
93 Original spelling of surnames should be regulated legally 2014/05/13
94 The latest report concerning racism and discrimination on the Lithuanian labour market 2014/05/12
95 EFHR opinion on the Nation’s Historical Memory draft law 2014/05/10
96 Presidential Candidates on the protection of minority rights and original spelling of non-Lithuanian surnames 2014/05/09
97 Vilnius Regional Administrative Court prevents reorganization of Trakai High School internal structure 2014/05/08
98 Alternative critical opinion concerning the original spelling of names and surnames in identity documents 2014/05/06
99 The Strasbourg Manifesto 2014/05/05
100 EFHR invited for a speech at the International School of Law and Business 2014/05/02
101 Charity campaign for orphanages organized by EFHR 2014/04/26
102 The aim of EFHR court cases – detecting gaps in the law 2014/04/14
103 Draft law concerning spelling of names and surnames – a big failure 2014/04/11
104 Lithuanian courts still assigning financial penalties for bilingual street signs 2014/04/10
105 EFHR at the International Academic Conference 2014/04/09
106 45 writers oppose the original spelling of names and surnames 2014/04/08
107 The bill “liberalizing” the spelling of names – still no solution to the problem 2014/04/07
108 Conference on the Cooperation between NGOs and Local Governments 2014/04/04
109 EFHR is a member of the Lithuanian Association of Responsible Business (LAVA) 2014/04/02
110 The case of the lawful non-granting of the right of accession to the accreditation to the Secondary School in Trakai was brought before the court 2014/04/01
111 A New movie of Council of Europe 2014/03/31
112 Educational session in Budapest 2014/03/30
113 The next hope for approval of the law on national minorities 2014/03/29
114 EFHR at the solemn award ceremony of the “Say NO to discrimination” contest 2014/03/28
115 EFHR at the opening of the campaign „Myliu Panda” 2014/03/24
116 The Success of EFHR: The Committee on Petitions is going to consider the EFHR Petition to the Minister Steponavičius 2014/03/20
117 The European Week Against Racism 2014/03/19
118 EFHR starts a new project: ‘We are similar’ 2014/03/18
119 EFHR lecture for German students 2014/03/17
120 Another attack on bilingual street signs 2014/03/14
121 EFHR taking part in a project in support of Social Cohesion 2014/03/13
122 EFHR re. the legal complaints to Equal Opportunities Ombudsman’s Office 2014/03/07
123 Regulation of spelling of names and surnames in the hands of Commission of the Lithuanian Language 2014/03/06
124 EFHR at the ceremony of Mickūnai’s Day 2014/03/03
125 Free language lessons! 2014/02/26
126 EFHR at the “We Together” charity concert 2014/02/25
127 “Poles, Europeans, Citizens” textbooks now in pupils’ hands 2014/02/24
128 EFHR expresses solidarity with Ukraine 2014/02/21
129 Lithuania decided to involve in a migration policy more 2014/02/18
130 Association of Polish Scholars of Lithuania publishes its 2013 Yearbook 2014/02/17
131 Right to use the language of national minorities is an issue of interpretation 2014/02/14
132 New intern in EFHR 2014/02/10
133 Alfa has altered its article following EFHR’s request 2014/02/06
134 EFHR helps in a case of discrimination on the grounds of age and nationality in a kindergarten 2014/02/05
135 EFHR included in the newest “European Address Book Against Racism” 2014/02/04
136 EFHR wins almost 30,000 litas in compensation 2014/01/29
137 Implementation of the Framework Convention for the Protection of National Minorities by Lithuania needs improvements 2014/01/28
138 Stricter conditions for applying to the European Court of Human Rights 2014/01/27
139 Critical Russian report on human rights in Lithuania once again 2014/01/26
140 EFHR remarks on the National Strategy on Education 2013-2022 have been taken into account 2014/01/23
141 EFHR has made legal punishments for offensive comments becoming a standard procedure 2014/01/21
142 EFHR denies false information from President Grybauskaitė’s public speech 2014/01/16
143 EFHR on bilingual street signs issue and related financial fines 2014/01/14
144 Thanks to EFHR LNK TV will publish a correction referring to a violation of Code of Ethics of Lithuanian Journalists and Publishers 2014/01/13