1 The Office for Democratic Institutions and Human Rights (ODIHR) released Hate Crime Statistics of 2015 2016/12/29
2 Courts continue to settle the issue of the spelling of the names – two won cases 2016/12/27
3 EFHR has chosen the winners of the art contest 2016/12/20
4 EFHR attended the annual meeting of the organisations coordinating EVS in Lithuania 2016/12/06
5 International Human Rights Day – new artistic competition for pupils 2016/11/29
6 CERD concluding observations on Lithuania 2016/11/21
7 EFHR about the equality and the protection of private life in the workplace 2016/11/18
8 Joanna is a new volunteer from Poland 2016/11/11
9 International Day Against Fascism and Antisemitism 2016/11/10
10 EFHR at the training course for the EVS supporters 2016/11/09
11 The Court determined: the diverse spelling of surnames causes inconveniences 2016/11/07
12 EFHR participated once again in the conference UNITED 2016/11/06
13 The court has decided – the government is not a socially vulnerable group 2016/11/04
14 EFHR hosted a conference on minority rights 2016/10/31
15 Another case concerning hate speech won 2016/10/25
16 The fight for original spelling of names and surnames does not stop – how much additional judgments shall be passed until the adoption of appropriate law? 2016/10/20
17 EFHR invites to the Conference on the Overview of National Minorities Rights in Lithuania 2016/10/19
18 The EFHR continued campaigning against hate speech at the Vilnius International School 2016/10/17
19 Courts’ challange to the newly elected Seimas – ‘x’ and ‘w’ 2016/10/11
20 A new Intern at the EFHR from Germany 2016/10/10
21 The EFHR welcomes a new intern from Finland 2016/10/07
22 EFHR meeting with the OSCE representative 2016/10/06
23 Series of EFHR trainings in the field of introducing international law have finished 2016/10/03
24 A new volunteer at EFHR 2016/09/26
25 EFHR invites you to attend free of charge training course on„ Freedom of speech: realization and limitations” 2016/09/19
26 EFHR is continuing its fight against incitement to hatred 2016/09/14
27 EFHR invites you to the conference “Jurisprudence in Central and Eastern Europe: Work in Progress 2016“ 2016/09/12
28 Volunteering work by Arnoldas Ignatčikas 2016/09/05
29 The EVS Project “Promote diversity, promote human rights” is about to end 2016/08/26
30 Trainings on human rights in public institutions 2016/08/24
31 EFHR concerned about the lack of knowledge about the protection of human rights 2016/08/17
32 EFHR invited to OSCE workshops 2016/07/14
33 EFHR victory in the fight against hate speech 2016/07/11
34 Court’s decision: “w” is to be written in the Lithuanian’s passport 2016/07/04
35 One More Victory Regarding Original Spelling of First and Last Names 2016/07/01
36 EFHR’s ‘Application of international and European Union law in cases of discrimination in Lithuania’ training session has taken place 2016/06/30
37 EFHR’s Visit to the Campanile of St John’s Church 2016/06/29
38 EFHR training course on “International and EU law implementation in cases of discrimination in Lithuania” 2016/06/23
39 Another win. Courts agree — ”w” has the right to exist 2016/06/22
40 EFHR competition in honour of the 20th anniversary of EVS – Results 2016/06/21
41 EFHR encourages ZIS Foundation Travel Grant applicants 2016/06/20
42 EFHR Europos Parkas Excursion 2016/06/19
43 Discriminative criteria of hiring employees – recent warnings for employers 2016/06/14
44 New EFHR trainee 2016/06/13
45 EFHR Competition to celebrate the 20th Anniversary of EVS 2016/06/09
46 New intern at the European Foundation of Human Rights 2016/06/06
47 Europe Day Poster Gallery at the European Commission Representation in Vilnius 2016/05/27
48 Protecting Minority rights using theatre as a tool 2016/05/26
49 US Department of State reports on minority rights violations in Lithuania 2016/05/25
50 Presentations for Europe Day 2016/05/18
51 The problem of spelling of first names and surnames was talked over during the conference organised by EFHR 2016/05/16
52 Europe Day – Poster Competition Results 2016/05/11
53 ‘The Spelling of Names and Surnames – Challenges and Decisions’ Conference 2016/05/06
54 EFHR to take part in Europe Day exam 2016/05/04
55 EFHR took part in the SNPL’s Conference devoted to the rights of national minorities 2016/05/03
56 ”Dialogue of cultures or a source of conflicts —problematic aspects of national minorities in Europe” conference 2016/04/28
57 EFHR accounts on the conference on education rights of national minorities in the Hague 2016/04/27
58 EFHR concerned about the lack of knowledge regarding human rights protection 2016/04/21
59 Understanding Human Rights – Workshop in Adam Mickiewicz Gymnasium 2016/04/20
60 “W” does not pose a threat to the Lithuanian language 2016/04/14
61 A new trainee in EFHR 2016/04/11
62 EFHR visits Money Museum 2016/04/06
63 Restriction of liberty for 17 hateful comments 2016/04/05
64 Support the European Foundation of Human Rights – donate 2% 2016/04/04
65 Polish version of Vilnius municipality website created in cooperation with EFHR 2016/04/03
66 Human rights in business — the challenges and good practice 2016/04/01
67 Europe Day – Poster Competition 2016/03/31
68 EFHR to attend 20th Anniversary at The Hague 2016/03/29
69 Forced surname change at 11 years of age 2016/03/24
70 Invitation to submit abstracts to CELA 2016/03/23
71 ECMI Summer School 2016 2016/03/22
72 OSCE representatives visit to EFHR headquarters 2016/03/16
73 European Action Week Against Racism Multicultural Events 2016/03/15
74 The European Union strategy for multilingualism and acquaintance with foreign languages in Lithuania. 2016/03/12
75 New EFHR trainee 2016/03/11
76 EFHR to celebrate European Action Week Against Racism 2016/03/08
77 Screening of Winter on Fire: Ukraine’s Fight for Freedom at Beepart Centre 2016/03/04
78 Internet commentators still help to fill the national budget 2016/03/03
79 EVS Mid-Term Training 2016/02/29
80 EFHR encourages readers from Lithuania to use the resources of the “Free Readings” portal 2016/02/23
81 European Voluntary Service offers amazing opportunities! 2016/02/15
82 New European Foundation of Human Rights Trainee 2016/02/09
83 EFHR Parliament Excursion 2016/02/03
84 Another EFHR success in fighting hate speech 2016/02/01
85 European Foundation of Human Rights change of headquarters 2016/01/18
86 An EFHR traineeship through the eyes of a volunteer 2016/01/11
87 Become a trainee at EFHR! 2016/01/04