1 The Council of Europe has released an educational game 2017/12/27
2 The EFHR is organizing the campaign for the Minority SafePack 2017/12/08
3 EFHR organizes the initiative “Minority SafePack”
4 A lecture on human rights for prisoners of the Prisons in Prawieniszki 2017/11/30
5 Mrs Kuzborska represents the Polish Minority of Lithuania at the United Nations Minority Forum
6 Minority youth to call for inclusive and diverse societies
7 The European Court of Justice rules on discrimination on the ground of sex 2017/11/28
8 The EFHR goes to Vilnius Cathedral Bell Tower 2017/11/27
9 The ODIHR releases data on hate crimes for the year 2016
10 EFHR taking care about Human Rights- Your Rights! 2017/11/24
11 Hate Speech Training session at the Faculty of Economics and Informatics of the University of Bialystok in Vilnius 2017/11/23
12 EFHR representative taking part in training entitled „Learning in EVS” 2017/11/21
13 EFHR celebrating the International Day of Tolerance 2017/11/20
14 EFHR celebrates the International Day of Tolerance
15 EFHR’s last training this year about “Human rights in practice” 2017/11/13
16 We invite you to participate in free of charge training course: “ Human Rights in practice” 2017/10/25
17 A trip to the Seimas of the Republic of Lithuania 2017/10/23
18 The Court accepted ruling in the case of the right to spell both names and surnames 2017/10/18
19 Cormac Flahive: Trainee from the UK
20 The European Court of Justice rules on delayed flights 2017/10/11
21 ECJ decided that actions by armed conflicts can constitute terrorists acts 2017/10/09
22 Interview with EVS volunteer Carmen Cara Lorente
23 The training for teachers on „ Language as a factor that shapes identity” 2017/10/06
24 The EFHR team goes to Vilnius University 2017/10/05
25 Another positive outcome – the Court decided “w” on the first page of identification document 2017/10/04
26 The training about international standards and their implementation took place 2017/10/02
27 The Court decided: “Q” on the first page of passport 2017/09/29
28 Intern from Italy 2017/09/21
29 Court ruled: the racist attack considered as a hate crime 2017/09/14
30 We invite you to participate in free of charge training course: ‘The right to privacy and new technologies – international standards and their implementation’. 2017/09/12
31 EFHR takes EVS and trainees to Vilnius Municipality 2017/08/25
32 EFHR meeting with the Consul General of the Embassy of the Kingdom of Spain 2017/08/17
33 Training in minorities rights in Rudowsia village 2017/08/11
34 The representative of the EFHR on the next hate speech training 2017/08/08
35 EFHR has a new EVS Volunteer from Spain. 2017/08/02
36 EFHR Tour to Civic Education Center 2017/07/28
37 EFHR – the host of the discussion „Future strategy: how volunteering, interships and the “Erasmus+” Program educate the multicultural generation” 2017/07/26
38 Why the results of this year’s secondary school certificates aren’t optimistic?
39 Human rights contest: winners revealed! 2017/07/24
40 The EFHR invites to a discussion on traineeship and volunteering 2017/07/20
41 Billingual plates – the end or the beginning of history? 2017/07/19
42 Impressions of a EVS volunteer at the “Šilas” school 2017/07/05
44 Anna Mitrowska: a new trainee at EFHR
45 EFHR has a new intern from Turkey
46 First impressions of the Šilas School taking part in the programme “Erasmus +” 2017/06/30
47 EFHR’s trainings for the pupils from Ukraine in the Jozef Ignacy Kraszewski’s Secondary School in Vilnius. 2017/06/28
48 “Friendly Vilnius”: opened places without discrimination 2017/06/23
49 The racist theory of two – what is the cause of failures according to G. Vainauskas? 2017/06/20
50 Justyna Marcel – a new trainee 2017/06/19
51 New trainee in the Foundation
52 EFHR welcomes a new trainee
53 EFHR discussing ‘Effective reaction to crimes on hatred grounds’ 2017/06/16
54 EFHR in discussion on equality – how is it promoted by market titans? 2017/06/12
55 European Cultural Routes of European Council 2017/06/08
56 The report of the Equal Opportunities Ombudsman on the year 2016 2017/05/30
57 Digital signature – also for EU citizens. 2017/05/24
58 EFHR on the meeting with representatives of Facebook and Google 2017/05/23
59 EFHR visiting the orphanage in Pabradė
60 Rights of national minorities – how they are needed 2017/05/22
61 EFHR took part in international youth exchange ‘Let’s stop hate speech’ 2017/05/17
62 EFHR trainings in Kaunas
63 “Ape, Go Back to Your Country!” – Or How Cases Against Racism In Lithuania Are Dealt With 2017/05/11
64 Cases of names and surnames spelling are being examined not only in Seimas, but also in courts 2017/05/10
65 Polish Television in Lithuania – where does it head? 2017/05/09
66 ‘Free Reading’ project popularity is growing 2017/05/05
67 VSD report: Special rights of Poles are dangerous for the country 2017/05/03
68 Petition on language rights of Poles in Lithuania in the radar of EP
69 Police cannot tell the difference between Polish and Soviet Union flag
70 The report of the Commissioner for Human Rights on Lithuania in a nutshell 2017/04/30
71 EFHR took part in the 30th anniversary of Erasmus+ program and in the European Youth Week 2017/04/28
72 Continuation of the cooperation of EFHR and UNITED 2017/04/13
73 The letter “w” challenge – Parliament hesitates, and the courts are working 2017/04/12
74 EFHR meeting NGO representatives as a part of fighting hate speech 2017/04/11
75 Migration office urges Lithuanians to abandon their nationality 2017/04/04
76 Trainings for students at the John Paul II Gymnasium 2017/04/03
77 EFHR hosting a discussion ‘United or divided: racial discrimination in Lithuania’ 2017/03/24
78 EFHR has been with you already for 7 years – help us grow 2017/03/17
79 The final verdict – letter ‘w’ in identity card 2017/03/07
80 Juridical nihilism continues – ‘x’ in documents issued by Lithuania 2017/03/03
81 EFHR training at Kyviškės Primary School 2017/02/27
82 Kaunas Regional Administrative Court said “yes” for “w” 2017/02/23
83 Another lecture by EFHR in Vilnius International School 2017/02/21
84 One more achievement in case of writing original surname 2017/02/20
85 New achievement in the case of proper names spelling 2017/02/18
86 EVS vacancy in Poland! Volunteering for YOUTH 2017/01/24
87 The Mayor of Vilnius expresses his gratitude towards the European Foundation of Human Rights 2017/01/20
88 CASE OF ALBRECHTAS v. LITHUANIA – Application no. 1886/06 (2016) 2017/01/19
89 CASE OF ŽILINSKIENĖ v. LITHUANIA – Application no. 57675/09 (2015)
90 CASE OF ARBAČIAUSKIENĖ v. LITHUANIA – Application no. 2971/08 (2016)
91 CASE OF YUSIV v. LITHUANIA – Application no. 55894/13 (2016)
92 CASE OF BIRŽIETIS v. LITHUANIA – Application no. 49304/09 (2016) 2017/01/18
93 CASE OF KRAULAIDIS v. LITHUANIA – Application no. 76805/11 (2016)
94 CASE OF MISIUKONIS and OTHERS v. LITHUANIA – Application no. 49426/09 (2016)
95 CASE OF URBŠIENĖ and URBŠYS v. LITHUANIA – Application no. 16580/09 (2016)
96 CASE OF GEDRIMAS V. LITHUANIA – Application no. 21048/12 (2016)
97 CASE OF BAKANOVA v. LITHUANIA – Application no. 11167/12 (2016)
98 Lithuanian’s year in the European Court of Human Rights 2017/01/17
99 Restriction of personal liberty for one year and a half for 15 comments on the Internet 2017/01/13
100 Increase of the criminal liability for discrimination in the workplace 2017/01/10
101 EFHR fights with discrimination in electronic space 2017/01/02