1 Courts decision: “x” eligible for marriage certificate 2018/12/28
2 Preliminary ruling of the Court of Justice of the European Union regarding the interpretation of the term “use of vehicles” 2018/12/13
3 Discussion at the National Human Rights Forum 2018/12/11
4 Public figures give thoughts on Human Rights Day 2018/12/10
5 International Volunteer Day: EFHR’ s experience at the animal shelter 2018/12/07
6 Lecture on human rights at Vilnius Salininkai gymnasium 2018/12/05
7 Additional financial support for national minority schools 2018/12/04
8 Decision by the french court on the original spelling of personal names 2018/11/29
9 New ODIHR data on hate crimes for 2017 2018/11/19
10 International Day for Tolerance November 16th, 2018 2018/11/16
11 9th of November: International Day against Fascism and Antisemitism 2018/11/09
12 EFHR welcomes a new intern: Kseniya 2018/11/06
13 Changes in the EFHR team 2018/11/05
14 The Training “The Language Rights of Linguistic Minorities International Standards and Their Significance” 2018/10/30
15 ERHR organized the conference “Legal regulation on national minorities – theory and practice” 2018/10/29
16 Court decided – “Jacquet” instead of “Žakė” 2018/10/24
17 EFHR conducted training for human rights defenders from Belarus 2018/10/16
18 EFHR discussion „There is no place for racism in football“ 2018/10/12
19 Learning History of Lithuanian through virtual reality: EFHR at Telia Nemuziejus
20 EFHR invites to debate “There is no place for racism in football” 2018/10/04
21 The EFHR discussion in Birstonas – Insights and Summaries 2018/10/03
22 Another surname with “w” will appear in the Lithuanian Population Register 2018/10/02
23 New EFHR leaflets about hate speech, hate crimes and non-discriminatory job advertisements 2018/09/28
24 EFHR would like to invite you to a conference “Legal regulation on national minorities – theory and practice” 2018/09/25
25 Training Course “Hate Speech Fighters” in Bulgaria 2018/09/21
26 EFHR would like to invite you to take part in a free training “The Language Rights of Linguistic Minorities: International Standards and their Significance” 2018/09/07
27 Petra Mosetti – the new intern at EFHR 2018/09/06
28 EFHR discussion at the “BŪTENT!” Festival 2018/09/05
29 EFHR welcomes a new intern from italy: Rebecca 2018/09/03
30 Minority school students found the unified Lithuanian language exam difficult 2018/08/30
31 The newest member of EFHR – trainee Veronika Lisauskaitė 2018/08/29
32 Training for new European Voluntary Service volunteers 2018/08/28
33 New intern at the European Foundation of Human Rights 2018/08/27
34 Volunteers experience in LGL organisation 2018/08/20
35 Giulia’s experience in Animalt Shelter 2018/08/15
36 Job offers are still discriminatory 2018/08/14
37 New volunteer at Silas School 2018/08/13
38 Courts work also in summer – next ruling on “w” 2018/08/06
39 Statement of the European Foundation of Human Rights 2018/07/31
40 A Lithuanian living in Alaska won the surname with “w” 2018/07/26
41 EFHR training in Niemenczyn 2018/07/25
42 EFHR representative took part in an alternative FIFA World Cup 2018/07/15
43 Hate speech: there are fewer comments, but the view does not change 2018/07/05
44 New intern at the EFHR 2018/07/04
45 The EFHR welcomes a new intern – Olga Chizhevskaya 2018/07/03
46 Milena Kloczkowska – a new intern at EFHR 2018/07/02
47 EFHR’s training course at Juodšiliai community’s Social Services Centre 2018/06/29
48 EFHR held a training course at the International Civic Initiative Centre “Nash Dom“ 2018/06/22
49 EFHR topic at the “Būtent“ Discussion Festival 2018/06/20
50 Vilnius city courts are still considering cases about surname spelling with the letter “w” 2018/06/18
51 Impressions of the EVS project “Notice it! Human Rights in our daily lives” 2018/06/05
52 Training course entitled “Rights of National Minorities in the European Union: Theory and Practice” was held on Wednesday 2018/05/24
53 The EFHR participates in several trainings on Online Hate Speech in Hungary and in Czech Republic 2018/05/16
54 EFHR invites you to participate in a free of charge training course – „Rights of national minorities in the European Union: theory and practice“ 2018/05/04
55 The EFHR attends a training course as volunteering coordinating organization within Erasmus 2018/04/23
56 Another favourable verdict for the letter “w” 2018/04/12
57 The EFHR goes to an European virtual reality experience 2018/04/07
58 The petition Minority SafePack has succeed 2018/04/04
59 EFHR volunteer at the Animal Shelter for a day 2018/03/29
60 Call for hate crimes data submissions to the osce 2018/03/27
61 The EFHR submits its alternative report on the implementation of the FCPNM in Lithuania 2018/03/26
62 Last opportunity for saving minorities in europe
63 The EFHR team goes to the Palace of the Grand Dukes of Lithuania 2018/03/22
64 Support EFHR – assign 2% of your income tax 2018/03/20
65 The EFHR celebrates the European Week Against Racism 2018/03/19
66 The EFHR is organising an event to commemorate the “Week Against Racism” 2018/03/15
67 EFHR is looking for an administrator 2018/03/09
68 A meeting with a representative from the Framework Convention for the Protection of National Minorities took place 2018/03/06
69 EFHR’s newest trainee: Rasa 2018/03/05
70 EFHR supports citizens’ initiative “Minority SafePack” 2018/03/01
71 The EFHR has a new team member 2018/02/27
72 The EFHR goes to Mykolas Romeris University for promoting Minority SafePack. 2018/02/22
73 Lithuania fails again to fufill its reporting obligations
74 The Parliamentary Assembly of the Council of Europe calls for the protection of the rights of national minority languages 2018/02/06
75 Gabrielius: intern from Lithuania 2018/01/30
76 EFHR welcomed into Trusted Partner Channel of Facebook 2018/01/29
77 The EFHR goes to the catacombs of Vilnius Cathedral 2018/01/26
79 Ethnic minorities are studying from poor quality learning materials
80 Mayor of Vilnius thanked the EFHR 2018/01/09