1 EFHR wishes you happy holidays! 2019/12/20
2 OSCE: Hate crime victims disadvantaged by gaps between hate crime legislation and implementation 2019/12/06
3 Vilnius City District Court Allows for Original Spelling of Malgorzata 2019/11/20
4 EFHR Implements Project on Social Inclusion for Youth 2019/11/18
5 EFHR met with students of the University of the Third Age 2019/11/15
6 Visit to MO Museum 2019/11/06
7 The Art Competition ‘the Art of Football’ Has Reached the Finish Line – We Will Award the Best Works 2019/10/23
8 The Marking of the Old Jewish Cemetery in Vilnius Will Be Ensured 2019/10/17
9 Regional Court Dismisses Appeal in Hate Crime Case 2019/10/14
10 Competition for pupils of grades 5-10 “The Art of Football” 2019/09/25
11 EFHR discussion at “Būtent!” festival: “Let’s be communal, not tolerant” 2019/09/17
12 EFHR Joins ESN International Fair 2019/09/09
13 EFHR Invites to Discuss Stereotypes at Discussion Festival “Būtent” 2019/08/28
14 EFHR’s Impressions After the Freedom Picnic 2019/08/27
15 Thays Moreira – a new intern at EFHR 2019/08/22
16 EFHR Supports the Initiative to Abolish Fines for Failing to Notify About Acquired Foreign Citizenship 2019/08/12
17 EFHR Among Participants of ‘Laisvės Piknikas’ 2019/08/09
18 EFHR trainees visit the Centre for Civil Education 2019/08/05
19 EFHR Welcomes a New Team Member Aisen Bragin from Poland 2019/07/23
20 The EFHR welcomes a new intern from Poland 2019/07/15
21 EFHR is coming to Kaunas to discuss the Poles 2019/06/25
22 EFHR welcomes a new team member 2019/06/10
23 The impressions of the volunteer after the project at Vilnius Šilas School 2019/06/03
24 Turto bankas is obliged to submit replies in the case of Sports Hall reconstruction 2019/05/27
25 Vilnius citizens learned about disability thanks to the initiative of Italian volunteer 2019/05/24
26 New EFHR intern from Canada
27 While the politicians are debating, the courts are working – one more „W“ in a marriage record 2019/05/20
28 EFHR publishes translations of the CERD recommendations 2019/05/17
29 EFHR is participating in the festival of discussions “Būtent!” Once again! 2019/05/14
30 The EFHR met with representatives of OSCE regarding presidential elections 2019/05/13
31 The EFHR Conception of National Minorities 2019/04/19
32 Court: Existing legal regulation is not sufficient to guarantee the rights of individuals 2019/04/16
33 A legal case was filed in Vilnius Court against plans for Sports Palace reconstruction in the heart of the Old Vilnius Jewish Cemetery 2019/04/14
34 The CERD Alternative Report was submitted by EFHR and LCHR 2019/04/12
35 Is the slogan “Lithuania for Lithuanians” – a hate crime? 2019/04/09
36 EFHR shares translations of the resolution of the Committee of Ministers on the Protection of National Minorities 2019/04/08
37 New intern from Ukraine – Ganna Dudinska 2019/04/04
38 First court decision in Klaipeda: Letter ‘W’ allowed 2019/04/03
39 International Brain Battle for The European Week Against Racism 2019/03/22
40 EFHR visiting the Parliament of the Republic of Lithuania 2019/03/19
41 The „w” letter wins again 2019/03/15
42 Jędrzej Błaszczak – a new intern at EFHR 2019/03/13
43 New intern at EFHR – Alessandra Bisaccioni 2019/03/12
44 Promises of municipal and mayor elections’ candidates regarding national minorities 2019/02/26
45 New intern at the EFHR 2019/02/25
46 The EFHR lawyer became the Laureate Award of Human Rights 2019/02/15
47 CJEU: Unemployed Persons Are Entitled to Family Benefits 2019/02/08
48 The European Court of Justice: Good Friday is for everyone 2019/02/07
49 Failure to provide psychiatric care in a language understood by a person is a violation of human rights 2019/02/06
50 New intern at the European Foundation of Human Rights 2019/02/05
51 The State Commission of the Lithuanian Language abolished The List of Major Language Mistakes 2019/02/04
52 Is the acceptance of every child into minority kindergartens enough? 2019/02/01
53 Signs of gender discrimination still appear in job offers 2019/01/28
54 Court ruled – the bilingual street signs do not breach law. What’s next? 2019/01/24
55 Lecture on hate speech at John Paul II gymnasium 2019/01/23
56 Courts still close loopholes caused by legislature 2019/01/11
57 Advisory Committee on the Framework Convention for the Protection of National Minorities: The Fourth Opinion on Lithuania 2019/01/10
58 Beginning of 2019 with Another ‘W’ in Marriage Certificate 2019/01/08
59 Newest intern at EFHR – Lorena 2019/01/07