Traku vidurine mokyklaThe European Foundation of Human Rights (EFHR) is glad to announce the decision adopted on May 15 by the Council of Local Region to grant the Polish minority High School in Trakai accreditation. We have previously reported the earlier steps taken by the school authorities and EFHR.

EFHR is pleased that the issue of failure to give the school accreditation was solved with the consent of the councillors, not a judicial warrant rehearing. However, it is very probable that without taking legal action and making the issue public the whole matter would still be ongoing and we would not have seen such a rapid change in the attitude of councillors.

Giving the school accreditation means that the school will obtain the status of junior high school and will be able to continue the education of Polish students in the 11 and 12th grade in Trakai. Thus, the draft prepared by the council reorganization of the internal structure of the school will not be carried out.

Therefore, the decision to grant the school accreditation has solved the problem, and the school will withdraw the complaint on the unjustified failure to grant accreditation made to the Vilnius Regional Administrative Court in January this year.

EFHR is glad to have had the possibility to help the national minority community in defense of its rights and to contribute to the preservation of the education system for minorities in Lithuania.