Information about Scholarships


  1. Presidents of Lithuania’s Personal Scholarships for Students
  2. The Vlado Jurgaicio’s Scholarship Program for Economics Students  (Vlado Jurgaicio stipendija)
  3. ”The Youth Scholarship” – The Foundation’s scholarship supporting “The Youth” (“Jauniems”). For those students who write their MA’s theses on the state of the Lithuanian youth.
  4. Scholarships for disabled students awarded by “Microsoft” and LSAS (Students’ Association of the Republic of Lithuania).
  5. The Copernicus Scholarship Program
  6. Vytautas Magnus University International Scholarship Program in cooperation with Asian countries (VDU for Asia).
  7. The scholarship program for the students of Icelandic and other Scandinavian languages.  More info at:
  8. National Studies Fund (Valstybinis studijų fondas) – The Department of Finance and Scholarships
  9. A link to various scholarship programs including international scholarships.



  1. The source of current information about scholarships throughout Poland together with application deadlines and ways how to contact the sponsors.
  2. SEMPER POLONIA Foundation Scholarships
  3. Scholarships for the Polish youth living in East of Europe
  4. the webpage providing information on scholarships for undergraduate and postgraduate students
  5. Foundation of Polish Science webpage (they award plenty of scholarships).
  6. Scholarships within the scope of environmental protection
  7. Scholarships for journalists
  8. Scholarships for writers and poets
  9. The Museum of Polish History Scholarship Fund
  10. Scholarships for PhD students, the Anna Pasek Foundation
  11. Scholarships for artistic activity awarded by MKiDN (Ministry of Culture and National Heritage of the Republic of Poland)
  12. The School for Leaders
  13. Civic Academy established by The Lech Wałęsa Institute
  14. International scholarships. The Ministry of Culture and National Heritage of the Republic of Poland grants scholarships and international traineeship available to those working in fine arts. Those grants are established on the basis of bilateral Cultural and Scientific Cooperation Programs.
  15. Scholarships awarded by The Artistic Work Promotion Fund for the students of fine arts schools and colleges and others
  16. Oświecenie Scholarship Program (undergraduate studies at the Higher School of Hebrew Philology in Toruń).
  17. Travel grants awarded by The European Foundation of Culture – The Roberta Cimetta Fund 2012 for European artists.
  18. Scholarships for outstanding achievements
  19. Scholarships at Warsaw University for international students.



European Youth Portal

The European Union scholarships for the youth.

Traineeship at the European Union institutions 

Traineeship at the European Commission 

Projects for the youth provided by the EU 

Information about the Erasmus Program  

International scholarships within the range of biotechnology

Information on the EU’s support for the youth 

Programs for students

Scholarships available to last year students of undergraduate studies.

Scholarships for German language courses available to students; scholarships for graduate and postgraduate studies; scholarships for PhD students.