unnamedThis year marks the end of the innovative project “Europeans, Poles, Citizens”, carried out by The European Foundation of Human Rights (EFHR). The selection of the winners of the examination in civics as part of the project took place on the 20th of December during a solemn gala at the hotel “Runmins”. More information about the project itself and its course in the previous years can be found on our website in the bookmark “Civics”.

During the aforementioned gala, the decision of the art competition for students between 5th and 8th grade “The Rights of Children in Children’s Eyes” took place, under which the EFHR invited participants to create works of art.

This year 174 students from grades 9th to 12th out of 347 registered on the platform wos.efhr.eu sat the examination in civics, with 123 people passing the examination.

The following main prizes in the project “Europeans, Poles, Citizens” were awarded:

  1. Laptop to Ewelina Tymul from John Paul II Junior High School, who scored 100 points (supervisor Elżbieta Zacharewicz)
  2. Digital camera to Rafał Kubarewicz from Czesław Miłosz Primary School, who scored 98 points (supervisor Janina Małyszko)
  3. Tablet computer awarded to Gabriela Jasińska from John Paul II Junior High School, who scored 97,5 points (supervisor Danuta Radewicz)

Students who scored at least 90 points and were 4th-15th were also awarded: Dominika Żukowska, Albert Arlukowicz, Dariusz Kryzanowski, Agata Bielska, Marzena Franckiewicz, Marta Chmielewska, Kamila Tomaszewska.

We are happy to announce that we received 104 works of arts from over 15 schools. Amongst all the works we received we decided to award the authors of the best three works of art and give three distinctions. All of the other contestans were given small gifts.

In the competition “The Rights of Children in Children’s Eyes” the main prizes went to:

  1. Koleta Jenkelewicz (Tablet), 14 years old, John Paul II Junior High School
  2. Kamila Anna Herman (IPod), 13 years old, F. Ruszczyc Junior High School in Rudomin
  3. Erika Karasiewicz (games console), 13 years old, Czesław Miłosz Primary School in Pakienie

Distinctions were given to:

  1. Gabriela Daszkiewicz, 5th grade, Alexander Puszkin School
  2. Daniel Bukin, 6th grade, Eliza Orzeszkowa High School in Biała Waca
  3. Wiktoria Grablewska, 7th grade, Primary School in Kiwiszki

All of the participants of the “The Rights of Children in Children’s Eyes” competition and people who sat the examination within the project “Europeans, Poles, Citizens” were given smaller prizes and gifts as well as diplomas for participation. These people were also given a copy of the educational booklet “Rights and Freedom in Practice” by the EFHR and “47 Countries and One Organization”, as well as token gifts donated by sponsors.

Teachers also received thanks for help in the realization of the project “Europeans, Poles, Citizens” and the students’ active involvement. Distinctions were given to 3 teachers whos students were 1st, 2nd and 3rd (Ms Elżbieta Zacharewicz, Danuta Radeiwcz and Ms Janina Małyszko and to Mr Jarosław Subocz, a teacher at Zujuny High School who engaged 27 students. There were snacks and music in between speakers.

EFHR would like to sincerely thank the sponsors of this project and the competition. We thank the Ombudsman for Children for the honorary patronage over the competition “The Rights of Children in Children’s Eyes” and gifts sent. We also thank the European Commission for invaluable educational materials, games and gadgets, the Education Association for lots of prizes and gadgets, and the Polish Schools’ teachers in Lithuania Association “School Matrix” for donating books for the participants.

We would also like to thank Kurier Wileński for supporting our project and publishing articles as well as the radio-station “Znad Wilii” for its support. The EFHR hopes that the eight-week course in civics contributed not only to the development of the students’ knowledge, but also encouraged other people to inform themselves about issues within the project.