The European Foundation of Human Rights (EFHR) has once again detected the hypocrisy of contradictory legal acts and practices which concern the original spelling of names and surnames in official documents. Today dozens, if not thousands of Lithuanian citizens struggle with the problem of name spelling.


Courts still close the loopholes caused by legislature

In 2014 Constitutional Court noted that in some cases non-Lithuanian names and surnames can be registered not only by means of Lithuanian language characters, but also using characters of the Latin alphabet. Nevertheless, the current legislation states that in the official documents of citizens of Lithuania names and surnames are to be spelled by means…


Decision by the french court on the original spelling of personal names

An appeals court in Brittany (France) ruled that personal identification documents may contain the name Fañch’s original spelling – with the symbol ñ, overturning an earlier decision that the name could not be officially registered because the letter did not exist in French. Although the Breton language has no status of an official language, while…