The European Foundation of Human Rights (EFHR) has once again detected the hypocrisy of contradictory legal acts and practices which concern the original spelling of names and surnames in official documents. Today dozens, if not thousands of Lithuanian citizens struggle with the problem of name spelling.


Digital signature – also for EU citizens.

Citizen of Belgium and inhabitant of Lithuania turned for help to EFHR. Couple of years ago Migration Authorities issued a document allowing for permanent stay in Lithuania and allowing to use electronic services, like digital signature. Unfortunately, problems began when in 2015 Applicant’s ID has been changed into attestation – Mobile network operator canceled digital…


Migration office urges Lithuanians to abandon their nationality

The matter of spelling names and surnames, especially problematic for families where one parent is a Lithuanian citizen and another is a foreigner, is getting worse. Lithuanian politicians cannot find common ground in the bill. Courts investigate several dozens of cases pledging w, x and q letters in the population register. Migration office is doing…