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Scholarships and financial help for youth and training programme for teachers.


European Foundation of Human Rights is pleased to announce interesting programs which can offer scholarships and financial help for youth and training programs for teachers. In the text you will find short characteristics with all details and contact data. Also, we would like to invite you to attend our website www.efhr.eu where you can find:  information about all available scholarships from Poland Lithuania, European Union, scenarios of European lessons and articles from polish medias in Lithuania translated in English. On our facebook’s profile we are putting on board links to an interesting European  programs, scholarships and contests for youths.

Polish – Lithuanian fund of youths’ exchange.

Polish – Lithuanian fund of youths’ exchange has its beginning on June 1st of 2007 in a result of cooperation between two governments of Republic of Poland and Republic of Lithuania. Its actions were under the honor patronage of Prime ministers of Poland and Lithuania. The fund helps financially and in a merits of the projects for young people from both countries thoru out exchange of the youth, trainings and seminars. The main goal of the fund is to form co-operation between two countries thou out the youth who are inspired by action. Those action should break with the  national stereotypes and build friendly co-operation and form strong bond between Poland and Lithuania. Activity of Polish-Lithuanian Fund of Youth’s exchange focuses in making popular informal and multicultural education.

‑­To get financial help from Fund from a project it is required to take a part in every years’ contest of findings. Projects can be realized in two types of formats. First is about the exchange of youths from Poland and Lithuania, training programmes and seminars. The second one is about informational projects, which inspires cultural cooperation and tolerance as well as publications, parties, meetings and initiative of young youths from both countries. All of those actions should make two countries closer. This year priorities of the fund are: promoting the multicultural dialogue inclusive youths with a smaller chances, popularize co-operating attitude and enchanting multicultural volunteers. On the basis of the bylaw applicants of the contest might be all educational institutes and non – governmental organizations and young people in the age of 13 to 30 and people who work with youths and stay legally in Poland or Lithuania. , excluding commercial companies which want to earn money. Right form and more needed information and dates can be found on the website:  http://www.plf.org.pl/konkurs-wnioskow/zasady-konkursu

There were four contests made from 2007. there were funded 134 projects some of them are: hard conversations about Czeslaw Miosz – tolerance, dialogue, partnership co-operation, if we could rebuilt Polish-Lithuanian Commonwealth, „the same roots”, Summer school of leaders etc.. More information and detailed characteristic of the project can be found on the website: www.plf.org.pl/.

Comenius programme

Comienius is one of four sectored ptogrammes made by European Union’s programme  Lifelong Learning Programme which helps financially and merited projects organized by European union’s educational places. Educational cooperation, and teachers’ training as well as making partnerships between educational places from EU.

The Comenius programme is especially directed to: the students of primary school, Junior school and High school and to the teachers and workers of those schools, associations, non-profit organizations, non-governmental organizations and representatives of organization, and realization of education on the local, regional and domestic level. It has a goal to evolve diversity of cultures and European languages among youths and teachers and help young with getting basic skills and competitions needed for own development  and active European citizenship.

Except the ability to the realization the project titled partnership school (to get more information got to the website  http://comenius.org.pl/index.php/ida/3/), Comenius Programme offers projects in regional partnerships (http://comenius.org.pl/index.php/ida/194/)) which make the co-operation stronger among local and regional education places in Europe and in consequences make possible for the students to get education aboard.

More information and informational electronic platforms, which are the place of exchange the  knowledge and ideas on the projects might be found on the website:  http://comenius.org.pl

Polish centre of the teachers in Lublin

Main goal of the centre is merited  and methodical help of the teachers from outside Poland who are teaching Polish language and other classes in polish. Centre organizes some trainings thou out Internet. More information about the centre’s work and trainings might be found on the website: http://www.pcn.lublin.pl/pcn/pcn.php?str=oferta&ofe=ofe online

Translated by Karolina Przybyło within the framework of a traineeship programme of the European Foundation of Human Rights, www.efhr.eu.

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