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„Second Step“ in Moldova

„Second Step“ in Moldova

e 389In the beginning of June European Foundation of Human Rights participated in “Second Step” organized by Danish United Nations Association in Moldova, “country of Miracles”.  Promoters from Romania, Georgia, Denmark, Lithuania, Ukraine, and Moldova were invited to attend a 10 – days training, based on non – formal learning, which objectives were to strengthen democracy and civic participation by building capacity of local youth NGOs. Experts and trainers from DUNA provided information about the basic elements of association (in context of Danish United Nations Association) and project management.

Particular attention during “Second Step” was paid to the Programme: Youth in Action, set by the European Union, which aims to inspire solidarity and tolerance among young European in order to involve them in shaping the future of the EU (information can be found on the following website: http://eacea.ec.europa.eu/youth/programme/about_youth_en.php#programmes).  The main goal was to help participants understand what EU can offer and where to look for information. It is quite interesting that this part was presented by  Asser Mortensen, a director of InterCollege (Denmark), who has a great experience in this field and who was ready to share his knowledge and provide participants with guidance in regard to European funding.

Moreover, the participants had an opportunity to visit a non – profit organisation “Hope and Health” that is aiming at changing the attitude of surrounding society toward adults with mental and psychological disabilities. The organisation gives people who constitute the poorest and least defended layer of society, important life skills to enable them to participate in everyday family and social life and professional as well as vocational skills in accordance with their level of development, capability  and ability to cope. Furthermore,  a special attention is paid to the parents of mentally disable young people in order to help them to take care of their children and just to morally support them. Nevertheless, despite this great aim, the financial difficulties are too grave to be ignored. Tatiana Roscovan who is working there shared her thought: “Unfortunately, the government is not willing to provide any financial support to “Hope and Health” despite a great need for investment. The staff is looking for any possibility to raise money by participating in different projects or fundraising events, however, it is not enough”. It was interesting  to see who the NGO is working and how the members are trying to raise awareness of this difficult situation among citizens.

Viktoria Kvilitaja, who represented EFHR  on this training, said: “The organisers of “Second Step”  managed to make this training very informative but not less entertaining.  Trainers and experts were ready to provide necessary theoretical background, however, more importantly for them was to make all of us to work independently or in groups on a creation of our own association and on management of our projects. The main idea behind this form of training was for participants to share their experience , knowledge and ideas, and learn new things that could help them and their organisations later on. Moreover, it was great to meet young people who have done a lot of interesting projects and organised different events. I hope our organisations can become partners to work together on future projects.”

EFHR expresses its gratitude to Danish United Nations Association for inviting to “Second Step” and hopes to be a participant of “Third Step” as well.


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