1 The ceremonial gala celebrating the end of EFHR projects took place 2015/12/21
2 EFHR discloses misinformation provided by Lithuania to the Council of Europe 2015/12/16
3 Juggling dual citizenship – the next opening 2015/12/15
4 EFHR celebrated Human Rights Day on 10 December 2015/12/14
5 EFHR took part in the CRISP partner project “Fighting right-wing populism in Europe” 2015/12/11
6 EFHR Alternative Report for CERD 2015/12/09
7 CASE OF GRAUŽINIS v. LITHUANIA – Application no. 37975/97 2015/12/03
8 CASE OF GRAUSLYS V. LITHUANIA – Application no. 36743/97
9 CASE OF GIRDAUSKAS V. LITHUANIA – Application no. 70661/01
10 CASE OF ŠLEŽEVIČIUS V. LITHUANIA – Application no. 55479/00
11 CASE OF ALEKSA V. LITHUANIA – Application no. 27576/05
12 CASE OF MEILUS V. LITHUANIA – Application no. 53161/99
13 CASE OF POCIUS V. LITHUANIA – Application no. 35601/04
14 CASE OF ESERTAS v. LITHUANIA – Application no._50208/06 (2012)
15 CASE OF VENSKUTĖ v. LITHUANIA – Application no._10645/08(2012)
16 EVS “On Arrival” Training Session
17 Second part of EFHR training session “Implementation of International Law“ 2015/12/02
18 “Skills Tandem” and “We Are Similar” projects have finished 2015/12/01
19 The “Skills Tandem” project is about to finish! 2015/11/24
20 “We are similar” project is drawing to an end – come to our gala! 2015/11/23
21 EFHR Vilnius Municipality Excursion 2015/11/17
22 “Human rights in children’s lives” – Art Competition 2015/11/16
23 EFHR invites you to attend our “International Law Litigation and Human Rights” Training Course 2015/11/14
24 EFHR invites you to the conference “Integration and exclusion: The linguistic rights of national minorities in Europe” organized by SNPL (Association of Polish Scientists in Lithuania) 2015/11/12
25 EFHR commemorated International Day Against Fascism and Anti-Semitism at Vilnius University 2015/11/11
26 EFHR welcomes a new intern 2015/11/09
27 International Day Against Fascism and Anti-Semitism 2015/11/06
28 EVS Project: “Promote diversity, promote human rights” 2015/10/29
29 The long-awaited EFHR conference has finally taken place! 2015/10/26
30 EFHR – a part of the active UNITED network 2015/10/24
31 Ongoing Human Rights Battle – “x” and “w” have the right to exist 2015/10/22
32 EFHR Training Session: “Implementation of International Law” 2015/10/21
34 EFHR attended an international conference on minorities in Romania 2015/10/14
35 New volunteer at EFHR 2015/10/12
36 EFHR invites you to attend our “Implementation of international law” training course 2015/10/06
37 New volunteer at EFHR 2015/10/05
38 The “We Are Similar” project has just started – and the first integration meetings have taken place 2015/10/02
39 New Intern at European Foundation of Human Rights 2015/10/01
40 EFHR conducted training for teachers on the ‘Social studies education at schools 2015/09/28
41 EFHR invites history teachers to the “How to teach social studies” training 2015/09/22
42 We are inviting you to take part in the “Skills Tandem” project 2015/09/15
43 New trainee has joined EFHR 2015/09/03
44 Positive disctrimination in Lithuania? 2015/08/23
45 Poland and Lithuania agreed on a common declaration on minority rights protection 2015/08/17
46 The “Memory, Responsibility, Future” Foundation: invitation to join project 2015/08/13
47 EFHR encourages everyone to visit the Danish Folk University 2015/08/11
48 The liberal R. Šimašius – between words and actions 2015/08/07
49 EFHR welcomes new trainee 2015/08/05
50 EFHR is looking for people to join the project in Budapest! 2015/08/04
51 EFHR has finished the EVS “Youth for human rights” project 2015/08/03
52 EFHR wins landmark court case: Vilnius City District Court allows a surname to be spelled with “W” 2015/07/30
53 Web portal LRT.lt twists the words of a representative of the Lithuanian Community in Poland management board 2015/07/23
54 New EFHR team volunteer 2015/07/17
55 EFHR team is richer by a new volunteer 2015/07/15
56 A new trainee joined our team 2015/07/14
57 The 27th touristic rally of Poles in Lithuania is already behind us! 2015/07/08
58 EFHR encourages all to join the Facebook action supporting the original spelling of names and surnames 2015/07/07
59 EFHR can help with contesting results of the Matura exam in Lithuanian 2015/07/03
60 Interview with Izabella Vajda on her EVS experience at EFHR 2015/06/26
61 EFHR team welcomes a new trainee! 2015/06/16
62 MEPs defend schools of national minorities in Lithuania 2015/06/13
63 The project ‘Evenings with the documentary’ has finished! 2015/06/12
64 EFHR expresses its concerns about the actions of Lithuanian police towards Polish schools 2015/06/10
65 EFHR would like to invite you to the last ‘Evenings with the documentary’ screening 2015/06/09
66 EFHR conducted online freedom of speech training courses 2015/06/08
67 The EFHR held educational events in a care facility 2015/06/07
68 Children’s day with EFHR at DKP 2015/06/06
69 EFHR’s third edition of the charity campaign for Polish orphanages 2015/06/05
70 EFHR representatives in Zamość: active citizenship through simulation games 2015/06/03
71 Continuation of ‘Nights with a documentary’ film screenings project 2015/06/02
72 First meeting of the ‘Nights with a documentary’ project behind us! 2015/05/29
73 An invitation to the screening of documentary films! 2015/05/26
74 Be a volunteer at Polish orphanages in Lithuania 2015/05/13
75 Facebook EVS and Erasmus+ competition 2015/05/11
76 EFHR invited for a speech at the International School of Law and Business 2015/05/02
77 EFHR is looking for a new project coordinator 2015/04/24
78 EFHR volunteers talk about volunteering in Polish children’s homes in Podbrodzie and Soleczniki 2015/04/14
79 New intern at EFHR 2015/04/10
80 Project ‘’Educating Active Citizenship through Simulation Games’’ 2015/03/30
81 EFHR is looking for a lawyer 2015/03/25
82 Parental responsibility for the actions of underage children in cyberspace 2015/03/24
83 The youth against racism – together in diversity! 2015/03/23
84 European Day of Action Against Racism at M. Romerio University 2015/03/19
85 European Action Week Against Racism – join us! 2015/03/17
86 EFHR is looking for a lawyer 2015/03/10
87 Election Tourism in Lithuania 2015/03/04
88 EFHR is looking for a new employee – Project Coordinator 2015/03/02
89 Become a trainee at EFHR and take part in free training courses 2015/02/27
90 Regarding broadcasting time for national minorities 2015/02/26
91 A new volunteer at EFHR 2015/02/24
92 The current version of “Practical Guide on Admissibility Criteria” to the European Court of Human Rights 2015/02/20
93 EFHR on Mickuny’s Day 2015/02/17
94 Nationality in passport entry – step by step 2015/02/13
95 The Court of Justice of the European Union rules on discriminatory job advertisements 2015/02/11
96 EFHR has a new volunteer 2015/02/09
97 The future of constituency boundaries in Lithuania – will international standards be taken into consideration? 2015/02/06
98 Spelling of names and surnames in Poland and the possibility of their change 2015/02/03
99 EFHR encourages law enforcement bodies to change their attitude towards cyber-crimes 2015/01/30
100 EFHR warmly welcomes the declarations of Vilnius mayoral candidates 2015/01/16
101 Third Opinion of the Advisory Committee on the implementation of the Framework Convention for the Protection of National Minorities (FCNM) in Lithuania 2015/01/12
102 EFHR is looking for new employees! 2015/01/05