DSC01668-300x225The traditional free trainings on human rights, organized by the European Foundation of Human Rights (EFHR) in Polish schools in Lithuania, are over. Knowledge about society and human rights were deepened by the students of the 7 Polish schools both in Vilnius, and in the Vilnius district.

The lecturers were given in the secondary school the name of Wl. Syrkomla, in the middle school of John Paul II in Vilnius, in the middle school the name of Konstanty Parczewski in Niemenczyn, and in the middle school the name of Ferdynand Ruszczyc in Rudamin.

The main recipients were the students in grades 9-12. The teachers and the headmasters of schools also willingly participated in the trainings. The knowledge about society and human rights were deepened by more than 300 students.

The trainings were carried out by the specialists in human rights – dr Laura Koba and professor Wieslaw Waclawczyk.

During the lectures the key terms on human rights and the child were discussed, as well as they talked about the specificity of civic values, such as: equality of different grounds and the freedom of speech. The debates lasted not only around the leading issue of the “freedom of speech”, but also around other aspects of high interest for the participants.

In addition, the students learned about the activity of EFHR, the won and managed cases, and an opportunity of a voluntary service in the Foundation.

The project “Europeans, Poles, Citizens”, having been carried out by EFHR, were presented at schools. The aim of the project is to implement a modern curriculum of the subject “Social Studies”, which is going to shape the civic attitude among the Polish youth in Lithuania. The project is intended to allow the teaching of the “Social Studies” in Polish by means of the “From Over Neris” Radio broadcasts , as well as by means of a series of newspaper articles in the Vilnius Courier.

The classes are going to end up with an exam via Internet, after which the participants will be awarded the certificate of course completion.

Taking into account the interest in participating in the project, showed by the teachers and the students, the new textbooks of civic education are going to be obtained by the schools.

The textbook was created in 2012, thanks to the cooperation of EFHR with the Foundation of a Modern Pole, and it is addressed to the youth in grades 10-11. It is designed to provide the students with the minimum necessary knowledge enabling the orientation in the political and social problems of contemporary democracy and the forms of social engagement.

Upon the hands of the management of those institution there were also submitted some leaflets and information materials on human rights, and brochures of the Council of Europe (CE). The brochure of the CE has been drawn up especially for young people, so they can learn about key topics, such as: respect for democracy, justice, democratic citizenship, sport without violence, nature, culture, health protection.

The interest showed by the students once again confirmed the need for organizing such trainings. We would like to thank the headmasters of the schools and the teachers for having us invited. EFHR hopes that the series of lectures has not been closes and, when we join our forces once again, the next one will be organized soon.

If interested, please contact the EFHR.

Translated by: Roksana Kasperek