DSC05197-300x198On the 12th August 2014, representatives of the European Foundation of Human Rights (EFHR) visited a scout camp  in Geišiškės, entitled ”1440 moments of the day”, during which workshops on human rights were organized. Girl scouts between the age of 11 and 17 from ”Silva” and ”Delta” teams took part in the workshops.

Young people became more knowledgeable about international organizations protecting human rights, and acquainted themselves with the basic documents dedicated to each issue, i.a. European Convention of Human Rights, Convention on the Rights of the Child, or the Common Declaration of Human Rights. Moreover, the participants had a chance to prove their knowledge during practical classes.

Our students, divided into teams, were competing with one another in a game called ”Bingo of Rights”, prepared by EFHR and consisting of finding answers to 12 key questions. The discussion became heated once students had to present a given right on a poster and tell everyone about their real-life experience.

The workshop aimed at broadening knowledge, inspiring interest in the area of law and, in a comprehensible way, clarifying the idea of fundamental human rights. According to EFHR, youths ought to have a basic knowledge regarding the protection of human rights as it is vital that we shape respect for human rights from a young age.

After the workshops all the participants received free educational materials from the European Council – brochures ”Rights and Freedoms in use” together with ”47 countries and one organisation…the European Council”, a books – ”Get to know the European Union” – and the textbook ”Poles, Europeans, Citizens”, whose most recent issue was realized thanks to EFHR.

See you next time!