March of freedom or march of independence?

On Sunday, 11th March, on the day of the independence of the Lithuanian state, two marches took place in Vilnius: one under the slogan “Lithuania for Lithuanians, second, alternative one “We celebrate the freedom”. Two completely different marches, under the flag of one country; Many people were happy to hear that the march of freedom is organised, which was named as an alternative to the nationalistic march and it was associated with slogans against racism, discrimination etc. However, only three colours and independence slogans dominated, and nothing about the equality. One can only be satisfied that the march had no aggression, it was rather creative and was giving the feeling of unity. The question is to whom?

First penalty for comments

The campaign of the European Foundation of Human Rights against the increasing wave of hatred on the internet in Lithuania brings first positive results.

On 27th January 2012, a district court of the city of Kaunas issued an injunction for the citizen of Kaunas, Andrius Bražėnas for humiliating and inciting to discrimination on the grounds of nationality statements. For his comments: „ši nelojali Lietuvai šūdlenkių šunauja nebus išvyta iš Lietuvos, tol dergs mūsų valstybė“ (translation, “this disloyal to Lithuania group of “shitpoles” will not be kicked out of Lithuania until they contaminate the state”), „tokie šūdlenkių išsikalbėjimai vyktų kokioje nors Kaukazo ar Vidurinės azijos šalyje, ŠŪDLENKIAM būtų padaryta Baltramiejaus naktis ir baigtųsi tos nesąmonės.