“W” lawful in Lithuania after all

The European Foundation of Human Rights (EFHR) has once again detected the hypocrisy of contradictory legal acts and practices which concern the original spelling of names and surnames in official documents. Today dozens, if not thousands of Lithuanian citizens struggle with the problem of name spelling.  According to the State Commission of the Lithuanian Language,…

How to change your name—step-by-step instruction

A person who would like to exercise his/her right to change a name should file an application to the local Civil Registry Office (Civilinės metrikacijos skyrius). The complete list of the Offices can be found at: https://mepis.vrm.lt/web/mepis/kontaktai.

A written application for a name change can also be submitted via the internet, through the MEPIS system (https://mepis.vrm.lt).

The following documents should be attached to the filled in application form (www.efhr.eu/application):