Punishing for comments gains pace

The European Foundation of Human Rights would like to inform that another injunction for an author of an offensive comment was issued. It was based on the Foundation’s applications submitted to the General Public Prosecutor’s Office. (You can read about previous successes in court here)

On 31 July 2012 the court of Kėdainiai district (Kėdainių rajono apylinkės teismas) issued an injunction for a resident of the district, A. Š, for public incitement to hatred by a derogatory comment that involved encouragement for discriminating people for their nationality.

Free legal advices at the Odyssey of the Polish Army Festival in Medininkai

European Foundation of Human Rights is pleased to announce that on 12 August 2012 at the Odyssey of the Polish Army Festival in Medininkai was giving free legal advices. The Festival was organized by the Vilnius Branch of the ZPL and the Polish Club of Theatre Arts.

Stand of the Foundation draw a lot of interest. Everyone interested could read our leaflets (http://www.efhr.eu/ulotki/) and other brochures of the Council of Europe and European Union on human rights.

EFHR has achieved another success with respect to comments on the web!

The European Foundation of Human Rights has been informed that on the basis of petitions filed by the Foundation another penal order to the author of offensive comment has been issued to the Regional Prosecutor’s Office (to learn about the previous successes, go to: http://www.efhr.eu/2012/03/15/first-penalty-for-comments/?lang=en, http://www.efhr.eu/2012/04/16/another-punishment-for-the-comments/?lang=en, http://www.efhr.eu/2012/07/18/3-wins-concerning-comments/?lang=en ).

Another success of EFHR: Court of Appeals rejects appeal of the Inspector of Journalists’ Ethics against Wilnoteka.lt

Lithuanian Court of Appeals agreed with arguments of lawyer Tadeusz Gudzińśki representing Wilnoteka on behalf of the European Foundation of Human Rights and upheld the verdict announced on 22nd December 2011 by the Vilnius County Administrative Court (for more information see http://www.efhr.eu/2011/12/23/the-court-rescinded-the-inspector‘s-penalty-for-wilnoteka-pl/?lang=en). Giving the ruling, the Court overruled the decision of the Inspector of Journalists’ Ethics who had imposed a penalty on the web portal for publishing the article “In defence of Polish schools in Lithuania.” The Court announced that while making the decision the Inspector violated the main principles of the procedure which were to ensure objective appraisal of circumstances and legitimacy of the decision.  

3 wins concerning comments!

The European Foundation of Human Rights has received further notifications that three penal orders had been issued against the authors of offensive comments, on the basis of the motions filed with the Prosecutor General’s Office by the Foundation (about the previous wins: http://www.efhr.eu/2012/03/15/first-penalty-for-comments/?lang=en, http://www.efhr.eu/2012/04/16/another-punishment-for-the-comments/?lang=en).

On23 April 2012 the District Courtof Panevėžys City (Panevėžio miesto apylinkės teismas) issued a penal order against the city’s inhabitant, V.M., for public incitement to hatred and national discrimination through humiliating comments.

The author was fined 520 Lt for his comment, written on1 July 2011, on an article on lrytas.lt about the considerations to allow bilingual

Another punishment for the comments.

District Court of the region Šiauliai issued a writ against one of the inhabitants of Šiauliai region Virgiljus Putramentas for inciting racial hatred calling for discrimination on the national origin grounds and humiliating commentary on the basis of the EFPCz motion directed to The General Prosecutor’s Office 3rd of August 2011. (click here to read about the first punishment: http://www.efhr.eu/2012/03/15/first-penalty-for-comments/?lang=en)

The author was punished for his first commentary on the article about the building work in Warsaw. ‘šūdlenkiams stato, tiem kurie nepajėgs išmokti lietuviškai.’ (transl. ‘they build for shitty-Poles, who cannot learn Lithuanian.’ The author was punished by a fine of 130 Lt.

March of freedom or march of independence?

On Sunday, 11th March, on the day of the independence of the Lithuanian state, two marches took place in Vilnius: one under the slogan “Lithuania for Lithuanians, second, alternative one “We celebrate the freedom”. Two completely different marches, under the flag of one country; Many people were happy to hear that the march of freedom is organised, which was named as an alternative to the nationalistic march and it was associated with slogans against racism, discrimination etc. However, only three colours and independence slogans dominated, and nothing about the equality. One can only be satisfied that the march had no aggression, it was rather creative and was giving the feeling of unity. The question is to whom?

The court rescinded the Inspector‘s penalty for Wilnoteka.lt


December 22, 2011. The Vilnius County Administrative Court revoked the penalty of an admonition imposed by the Inspector of Journalistic Ethics on a web portal Wilnoteka.lt for publishing the article “In defence of Polish schools in Lithuania”. The complaint about Wilnoteka was lodged by Kazimieras Garšva, the president of “Vilnija” association, who accused the web portal of misleading society about the actual state of Polish education in Lithuania and stirring up the national feuds. In the article Wilnoteka published the open letter and the petition submitted to Lithuanian and Polish authorities by Forum of Parents from the Polish schools in Lithuania. Wilnoteka provided the letter and the petition with their own commentary and editors’ opinion. The web portal also called for signing the open letter. The Inspector decided that Wilnoteka violated the journalistic ethics by presenting the information in a partial and superficial way as well as by omitting the arguments in support of the amendment to the educational law in Lithuania.

Lecture series on human rights

This month, EFHR organises a series of lectures on human rights, whose main recipients are

students from Polish secondary schools. Lectures have already been given at the junior high school under the name of John Paul II in Vilnius, school under the name of S. Moniuszko in Kowalczuki, trocki secondary school, school under the name of J.I. Kraszewski in Vilnius, as well as the junior high school under the name of R. Kalinowski in Niemież. Tomorrow, on 14th

Europe in every day

The contest titled Europe in every day of live organized by European Foundation of Human rights is almost over. Foundation is very pleased with so big interest of the contest among youths and especially among first graders. We received over 120 artworks from schools in Vilnius and Vilnius and Šalčininkai region. Creativity and imaginativeness of the contestants made us amazement, artworks had different forms beginning form drawings, collage, films, pictures essays, dairies and finishing at poems, comics. A Commission who is grading artworks will have really huge problem to find out the winners form the contest, because the standard of the artworks is really high. We would like to thank very much to all contestants as well as their teachers who enticed students to be a part of that contest and helped them to show student’s talents and ideas.

Summary of the October training courses conducted by the Foundation

Last weekend, at the House of Polish Culture in Vilnius free training courses on human rights were organized by the European Foundation of Human Rights, attended not only by teachers, lawyers, politicians and journalists, but also by many other people interested in the theme.

The ongoing weekend training courses of the EFHR

Today and tomorrow (22 and 23 October), in the House of Polish Culture in Vilnius are held trainings in human rights addressed to teachers, journalists, lawyers, politicians and all other people interested in these issues. Here are some photos from the meeting that took place on Saturday. To be continued… 🙂

Tomorrow (Sunday) we invite to the meeting at 2pm. Room no. 305.

Everyday Europe competition

The European Foundation of Human Rights would like to invite everybody to take part in a creative competition entitled Everyday Europe, which starts as of Monday, 3rd October.

The main prize is a light, energy-saving, 13-inch notebook as well as MP3, MP4 players, board games outstanding books and many more.

Lecture that summed up the project “Improving human rights qualifications within the field of International and European Union law”

On the 23rd of December 2010, in the Vilnius’ subsidiary of the University of Białystok, the last lecture from the “Improving human rights qualifications within the field of International and European Union law” project took place. The series of lectures was organized by the Association of Polish Lawyers in Lithuania in cooperation with the European Foundation…

Why is the protection of national minorities’ rights so important and needed?

The stages of development, dilemmas, catalogues of national minorities’ right – these were the topics in which new knowledge was gained by the participants of the lecture, which was the second part of lectures titled “Improving skills in human rights in terms of the EU and international law.

The lectures triggered a gathering of a few tens of people in the House of Polish Culture on the 20th of November this year, who came to improve their knowledge about human rights and especially those of the national minorities.