European Foundation of Human Rights support the decision of OSCE

On the 10th of July, the Central Electoral Commission of the Republic of Lithuania adopted a new electoral district boundaries. The commission’s decision changed the boundaries of several constituencies in Vilnius, Kaunas, Kelme and Vilnius region. Two of them, dominated by Poles (Suzonys and Skirlenai), were incorporated into the „Lithuanian“ Svenchioniu-Moletu constituency. The commission justified its decision claiming that demographic indicators have changed – in some constituencies the population has greatly increased, in others – decreased.

European Foundation of Human Rights expresses concern about the comments

European Foundation of Human Rights continues the campaign against the increasing wave of hatred on the internet in Lithuania. Foundation wishes to express concern about the indifference of the state  authorities to the lawlessness and incitement to hatred directed against a group of persons or a member of such a group on the basis of race, national or ethnic origin, religion or belief.

The European Foundation of Human Rights is taking part in the summer school titled “Using Lisbon Treaty for Building Active Citizenship”.

On April 20, the European Foundation of Human Rights promoted applying for participation in the summer school about “Using Lisbon Treaty for Building Active Citizenship” ( for further information look at ). Law students and lawyers working with non-governmental organizations involved in the protection of human rights may apply for participation in the program. After…

EFHR as the only Lithuanian foundation which has lent support to the first European Citizens’ Initiative – Fraternité2020

Fraternité2020 is the first registered European Citizens’ Initiative (ECI) which aims at  expanding EU exchange programmes – such as Erasmus or European Voluntary Service (EVS). Making these exchange programmes more attractive will enable more and more European citizens spend time in another European member state and fully appreciate the meaning of united Europe. Moreover, this experience will develop intercultural skills and facilitate positive economic, social and cultural development in the whole European continent.

Photo competition “Europe in my Region”

Would you like to win digital camera equipment worth up to 1000 euro and a trip for 2 to Brussels? Take part in “Europe in my Region” photo competition this summer!

The competition will be hosted on the Facebook webpage of the European Commission. You can enter photos in two categories: 

Surnames – no, the names of companies – of course

European Foundation for Human Rights filed five applications to the State Language Inspectorate asking for an explanation of why the names of companies (both Lithuanian and non-Lithuanian), car license plates, tourist inscriptions and excise stamps on the goods subjected to excise duty (such as cigarettes and alcohol) can contain letters which are not included in…

Jendzej Kovalcuk

Jendzej Kovalcuk is a student at Warsaw School of Economics studying international economic relations. He comes from Vilnius, so during his summer holidays Jendzej decided to join European Foundation of Human Rights.

From July to the end of September Jendzej will hold a research internship at the Foundation for the necessary information for his bachelor thesis on human rights in the Central and Eastern Europe.

Foundation is seeking a Lawyer and a Solicitor

European Foundation of Human Rights is a dynamically evolving organization defending human rights and minority rights in Lithuania.. We are currently looking for a person interested in cooperating with the Foundation as a Lawyer and Solicitor. The person will receive remuneration.Requirements:

  • completing legal studies (Master of Law degree) or  legal training (Solicitor)
  • analytical skills

European Foundation of Human Rights is seeking people interested in the position of an Administrator

European Foundation of Human Rights is a dynamically evolving organization defending human rights and minority rights in Lithuania. We are currently looking for a person interested in the position of administrator and project coordinator.

We offer:

– a creative, interesting and rewarding position in an international environment;

– ongoing personal development through participation in national and international trainings, conferences, internships and workshops.

Welcome to the European Foundation of Human Rights new headquarters!

We are happy to inform that the European Foundation of Human Rights has moved into its new headquarters.

We invite anyone in need of legal advice or wishing to join our Foundation’s traineeship programme to consultations in the spacious, comfortable offices, adjusted to needs of both employees and clients. It is worth to point out that the headquarters’ address has not changed.

European Foundation of Human Rights

103 Liepkalnio Street

Office hours:
Mon. 14.00 -18.00 Tue. 10.00 – 14.00 Wed. 14.00 – 18.00 Thu. 10.00 – 14.00 Fri. 14.00 – 18.00 (or other, after phone registration at the no.: +370 6 91 50 822)

500 LT for naming the people involved in riots following the football matches in Wilno.

As reported by “Kurier Wileński,” after an exhibition game between “Polonia Wilno” and “Žalgiris,” the supporters of “Žalgiris,” supported by Lithunian Neo-Nazis, attacked the supporters of “Polonia Wilno” in front of the stadium’s gate. “Žalgiris” supporters charged shouting “ Lietuva lietuviams!” (Lithuania for Lithuanians); there were also curses and insults from the crowd, directed at the Poles. Despite being outnumbered two to one, and despite police idly standing by,

Aid for children placed children’s homes

European Foundation of Human Rights, along with “CENTRUM KULTURY I EDUKACJI POLSKIEJ PLUS” (Centre of Polish Culture and Education “Plus”), Polish School Joachim Lelewel at Polish Embassy in Brussels, and “Instytut Środkowo Wschodni” (East Central Institute), as well as many kind people from Brussels has run a campaign to help Polish children’s homes in Lithuania under the heading of “DZIECI DZIECIOM” (Kids for kids).

Too much noise about nothing

The dispute over the Tuwim street in the municipality Zejuny continues. Most of the inhabitants of the village nearby Vilnus, wants to remain with the same name. Is this a problem? Unfortunately, yes. Government representative in the district of Vilnius Jurgis Jurkevičius immediately asked for an appeal decision by the government and promised to challenge this decision in court. It is worth to look at the poet, if indeed it is “guilty”?

The European Foundation of Human Rights is contented with the information of resignation of carrying work on new Act on State Language

At 1 June 2012 at Seimas  of the Republic of Lithuania website was placed an announcement reporting of its plans to examine a  project of new version of the Act on State Language and related to the Act changes in particular articles of the Act on Self –Government, the Act on State Language Standards  and the Republic of Lithuania Code of Administrative Violations

The European Foundation of Human Rights is contented with the information of resignation of discussing legal changes, that

Scholarships for Masters courses in Switzerland

The University of Lausanne (UNIL),Switzerland, striving to make higher education available, is offering scholarships for Masters courses for people who have previously graduated from foreign universities.

Candidates should choose one of the Masters programmes offered by UNIL. Unfortunately, Masters courses in Medicine,

Hotels will pay for TV and radio… but a dentist will not!

While detecting it in case of private citizens is not easy, since the authorities cannot simply walk into a house and check whether or not a citizen possesses a radio or a TV set, in case of service providers the officials can demand a license and punish them for illegaly spreading so called phonograms, i. e. copyrighted TV and radio material.

The situation in Lithuania is different,

47 states and one Organisation… the Council of Europe

The Council of Europe has prepared a new education brochure for children under the title ”47 states and one Organisation… the Council Of Europe” which concerns nowaday’s very important issues such as human rights, democracy and the political system of Europe. The brochure is aimed at children aged 12-14, it contains many interesting pictures which illustrate the subject matter of the previously mentioned issues as well as useful information written in a language that is

EFHR Trainee has won the Jonowicz Brothers Contest „My place – Vilnius”

Krzysztof Adam Górski, trainee of the European Foundation of the Human Rights has won the Jonowicz Brothers Contest  „My place – Vilnius. The generation  talks, which aim was to present Vilnius in many kinds of conversations from the perspective people whose ties with the city are strong. To become a participant of the competition all applicants were obliged to submit a literary paper, in audio or video format – performing